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Barcelona attack: Man shot dead in hunt for suspect
US Navy ship and oil tanker collide near Singapore
Kim Wall died in accident on submarine, says Peter Madsen
US-South Korea hold military drills amid tension
Russia condemns US visa restrictions in diplomatic tussle
Eclipse spectacle set to grip US public
President Buhari in plea for Nigerian unity
IS conflict: Iraq army makes advances on Tal Afar
James Dresnok, last US soldier to defect to N Korea, dies
Spanish woman 'crushed between floors' in Seville hospital lift
France's Brigitte Macron gets role but no 'first lady' title
Malaysia sites hacked after blunder over Indonesian flag
Spain attack: Hugs and defiance on Las Ramblas
The border between North and South Korea
Final Big Ben chimes for now
US Navy ship: sleeping area and communication equipment damaged
Olajumoke: 'Tinie Tempah photobomb transformed my life'
The village in Nepal cut off by floods
Masks for smear test patients in Thailand
Godzilla is 'great opportunity' for Mexico City
Dad gets tattoo of brain shunt after daughter's surgery
Dating app aims to boost Russian voter turnout
Personal bodyguard app to launch in northeast China
Canadian cop's lack of French cancels speeding ticket
What the trees say
‘Bad, bad, bad'
Growing pains
'My body battleground'
Unrequited love
King of goofy comedy

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The great American eclipse is finally here
Admiral to order operational pause in Navy after warship, merchant ship collide
Exclusive: Secret Service depletes funds to pay agents because of Trump's frequent travel, large family
Trump Settles on Afghan Strategy Expected to Raise Troop Levels
Game of Thrones Really Needs to Start Killing off Its Heroes Again
Person shot amid hunt for Barcelona attack suspect
University of Texas takes down four Confederate statues overnight
Suspect killed after shooting Ohio judge in front of courthouse
US, South Korea start military drills amid 'second war' threats from Pyongyang
Danish Submarine Inventor Says He Buried Swedish Journalist at Sea
The Latest: Police rule out terror in van hitting bus stops
Barbie doll bomb was to be used to blow up plane, Lebanese official says
US Embassy stops issuing nonimmigrant visas to Russians as diplomatic standoff deepens
Falwell backs Trump on Charlottesville, admits president could be more 'politically correct'
Solar Eclipse 2017 Weather: Will Cloud Cover Obscure Views of First US Total Eclipse in 38 Years?
Jerry Lewis telethons raised billions for muscular dystrophy. Many cheered when he went off the air.
For the next 4 years, London's Big Ben will be silent
Warren Buffett Can't Keep Coming Up Empty-Handed
Roger Goodell close to signing contract extension through 2024
Elon Musk calls for ban on killer robots before 'weapons of terror' are unleashed
Powerball Jackpot Grows to $650M - Second-Largest in History
Intel promises a 40-percent speed boost with its 8th gen Core chips
Limited-Edition Minecraft Xbox One S Available to Pre-Order
Samsung's big Note 8 challenge: Making it stand out
Sideline Report: Monday, August 21, 2017
China's Great Wall Motors considers bid for Fiat Chrysler's Jeep unit
Boston is bracing for protests a week after Charlottesville's violence
'Extremely dissatisfied' China blames India for border scuffle
Final Fantasy 15 PC to support 8K resolutions
Pastor hopes vigil will heal Kissimmee neighborhood where officers were slain


What really happens during an eclipse
38 years ago
When you lie on your resume but still get the job
Solar Eclipse in New Mexico, November 2012 [2048x1365]
TIL Rio's $12 billion 2016 olympic park is mostly abandoned and off limits to tourism.
A totaled eclipse for those who won't see a total eclipse today.
/r/me_irl shows that stages of grief memes likely to do very well in the next few days!
My girlfriend made me get up super early during vacation, but I'm super glad she did. (Ocean City, Maryland) [OC][4032x3024]
'What's a primate gotta do to get some service around here?'
Fish Attack
Buying a Treat
My local politician with that 🔥🔥🔥
Eclipse, pixelart, 314*200px GIF
LPT: When posting your pictures of the solar eclipse, remember to tag it NSFW so the thumbnail is blocked and doesn't blind someone browsing Reddit. This will give them time to put on their viewing glasses before viewing your image.
ELI5: Digestion takes about six to eight hours through your stomach and small intestine. Food then enters your large intestine for further digestion. What happens when you eat something bad, and all this is reduced to minutes?
Real life example of traffic shockwave
What's the dumbest thing you've done while your brain is on autopilot?
Football players found out their coach used to dance for M.C. Hammer, made him do the dance at practice.
My very first tattoo, the legendary hero.
Trump's decision to allow plastic bottle sales in national parks slammed: 'The Corporate Agenda is King'
What does Visual Studio do really well?
[Image] FAKE it until you MAKE it
Girl has a lovely pair of sunglasses.
Kyoto street after the rain

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