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Fillon refuses to quit French election despite investigation
Trump speech to Congress promises 'renewal of American spirit'
Syria conflict: All parties committed war crimes in Aleppo - UN
Mosul battle: Iraqi forces cut IS escape route to Tal Afar
Toy company Lego to produce Women of Nasa set
Dishwasher becomes part-owner of top restaurant Noma
Simultaneous Taliban attacks kill at least 16 in Kabul
Madrid bans Catholic group's anti-transgender bus
Anders Bering Breivik loses human rights case against Norway
Facebook artificial intelligence spots suicidal users
Kim Jong-nam death: Two women charged with murder
German politicians want Erdogan banned
Murder investigation into mysterious family disappearance in France
President Trump hails fallen US marine Ryan Owens
Australian economy has been recession-free for 25 years
Georgia couple who threatened black family sob in court
Which city has the worst traffic?
The African circus comes to town
What happens when aid is given in cash?
The US poverty challenge facing Donald Trump
Man accused over 3D-printed guns is sci-fi fan, court told
Facebook blocks nude painting by acclaimed artist
Turkish town of Karamursel hails its 'Superman' mayor
Thailand's Phuket relaxes ban on beach sun loungers
Bulgarian radio gets modern music back after dispute
Is there a contender?
Hitting rock-bottom
'Not all criminals'
Sweet sensation
Fit for a king

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The Daily 202: Trump's speech to Congress highlights influence of Ivanka, Bannon
Senate confirms Ryan Zinke as interior secretary
Tornadoes rip through Midwest, Southeast; 3 killed
Oprah Is Thinking Maybe She *Could* Run For President
'Glitter+Ash Wednesday' offers support for LGBTQ people, sparks debate
François Fillon, French Presidential Candidate, Vows to Run Despite Inquiry
VIDEO: Truck goes airborne, lands on car with woman inside in Louisiana
'I must fundamentally change and grow up': Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's big apology
Nintendo Switch review: Meet the Game Boy Entertainment System
Supreme Court says Virginia redistricting must be reexamined for racial bias
Fact check: Trump on lifting people 'from welfare to work'
Kellyanne Conway Explains Why She was Kneeling on Oval Office Couch
Sequins in Congress: Melania sparkles in Michael Kors for Trump's speech
Obamas Make Book Deal With Penguin Random House
Kevin Durant suffers Grade 2 MCL sprain, to be re-evaluated in four weeks
Just How Famous Is Dancing With the Stars' Season 24 Cast? We Asked 5 Random People If They Know Who They Are
Bridgewater Associates, World's Biggest Hedge Fund, Shakes Up Leadership
Marie Collins, Abuse Survivor, Quits Pope's Panel Over 'Shameful' Delays
A Fleeing Family Finds Iraqi Troops, and a Reprieve From ISIS
Ex-CIA spy held in Portugal over kidnap avoids extradition, will be freed
Can Snapchat Show It's More Than a Lab For Unconventional Ads?
Beauty and the Beast Has Disney's First Openly Gay Character as Director Calls Story 'a Metaphor for AIDS'
Everything you need to know about new 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' trailer
Casey Affleck Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment Allegations Following 2017 Oscars Win
King Salman gets warm welcome in Bogor
With Its Recent Outage, Amazon Web Services Is Helping To Sell Hybrid IT
'Moonlight' Will Expand To A Peak 1500 Theaters After Astonishing Best Picture Win
What The Title Of Alien: Covenant Really Means
Goldenvoice Confirms Hack of Coachella Website
Browns buzz on Jimmy Garoppolo, Terrelle Pryor, RG3, Mitch Trubisky and Myles Garrett as Combine begins


A new study has revealed that it's general exchanges of words and signs of affection following sex that directly cause increased long-term happiness and more life satisfaction in couples who have sex at least once a week.
Pet sitting would be fun, they said.
When you allows the one nerd on staff to make the soda display....
Forgot how to hamster...
Water Balloon Assault
London cinema trolls audience by playing La La Land in Moonlight screening
UK: New drivers who are caught using a phone at the wheel will lose their licence under new legislation that comes into force today.
Heard You Were Talking Shit
MRW she asks to spend the night so we can have sex again in the morning
ELI5: Why is W called 'double U' when it is clearly 'double V'?
And now, a selection of things that Bugs me
Pull yourself up while standing in buckets
You're a Jedi Rey!
[image] 'The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.' 8 year old Bailey Matthews finishes triathlon on his own terms.
Not sure about that one...
67-year-old man dies from heart attack after catching prized Pokemon 'Lapras' at MBS
Jumping Robot from Boston Dynamics
Start a fight you can't win
There's a seahorse fossil in my bathroom wall
What is your to go question to kill awkward silence?
I guess I live in this brick now
Bus Stop Media Prank
Sean Spicer Launches Witch Hunt Over The 'Secure' App He Just Said Was No Big Deal
The Good Boy
The True Forbidden One