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Egypt attack: President Sisi pledges forceful response
US to stop arming anti-IS Syrian Kurdish YPG militia - Turkey
Zimbabwe's new president Mnangagwa vows to 're-engage' with world
Fresh Poland protests over judiciary reform
Georgia fire: Deadly blaze hits Batumi resort hotel
Argentina missing submarine: President pledges inquiry to 'know the truth'
Iran hits back over Saudi's prince's 'Hitler' comment
Trudeau apologises for 'deep harm' of residential schools
Germany coalition: Merkel and SPD to meet in new bid for deal
Oscar Pistorius jail term for killing Reeva Steenkamp more than doubled
Tiger shot in Paris after roaming streets
Morocco prays for rain as shortage threatens agriculture
Three dogs help injured woman survive Canadian wilderness
Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa: Mugabe 'a father and mentor'
Trudeau apology to aboriginal children
N Korean defector having kidnap nightmares, says surgeon
Woman dragged from tracks in narrow escape in Melbourne
Emmerson Mnangagwa: Who is the man known as the ‘crocodile'?
North Korean defectors answer 'stupid questions'
Zimbabweans share hopes under President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Couple get engaged in Ashes Test pool
Flies more germ-laden than suspected
Iceland women politicians go public on harassment
Siberian pupils go to school as temperatures hit -50C
Rebrand for Finland's baby boxes
Poisoned by Polonium 210: The Litvinenko murder
Inside the AI lab
Sarajevo success
Reality Check
Mugabe and me: A personal history of growing up in Zimbabwe

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Egyptian president vows mosque attack 'will not go unpunished' after at least 235 killed
Macy's customers report delays with credit card transactions
Only 'Probably' Time's Person of the Year? No Thanks, Trump Tweets
Mueller might be the one who's 'draining the swamp'
New York woman killed by hunter while walking dogs
Youth pastor arrested for allegedly murdering family on Thanksgiving
Tillerson's senior team planning to skip Ivanka Trump's India trip
The Daily Mail's Erroneous Tweet On London Shooting Report Sparks Anger
St. Louis Galleria reopened after protest and arrests on Black Friday
US to stop arming anti-IS Syrian Kurdish YPG militia - Turkey
Woman charged with mailing explosives to Obama and Greg Abbott. The Texas governor opened his.
Derrick Rose away from Cavs, evaluating future in NBA
Bret Bielema fired as Arkansas' head coach after loss to Mizzou
The CFPB now has two acting directors. And nobody knows which one should lead the federal agency
The bizarrely mundane reasons why North Korea has stopped testing missiles
Al Franken still hasn't denied grabbing women
Suspect charged in Texas trooper's on-duty shooting death
Nebraska coach Mike Riley: 'I truly believe I'm exactly the right person to do this'
Mark Richt: Have to keep our hopes up, stay focused on ACC title game
US backtracks on decision to close Palestinian office in DC
Arkansas prison guards held hostage by 2 inmates released, captors in custody following 'use of force'
Jacksonville police: Body believed to be missing grandma, missing teen 'armed and dangerous'
No. 15 UCF remains perfect after wild win over USF clinches AAC East
'Doug Jones's problem': African American voters not energized by Alabama's Senate race
Trump to meet with Senate Republicans ahead of crucial tax votes
Ivanka Trump: Malia Obama should be 'OFF limits' to the media
Trump's Thanksgiving message: 'The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher'
Sheriff: Fisherman attacked by shark in Monterey County
Iran hits back over Saudi's prince's 'Hitler' comment
'Indiana Joan': 95-year-old accused of looting Middle East tombs


I did a thing at AT&T
I had to babysit my daughters kitten and she requested proof that he was okay so I sent her this
Trump's name appears in Panama Papers for the first time
7' Tall Krampus Christmas Display
TIL, in Interstellar the depiction of a black hole required completely new CGI rendering software and was so accurate that it provided enough scientifical insight to publish three scientific papers
Black Friday
A President Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 16 Women Endorses a Senate Candidate Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 9
Primitive Technology: New area starting from scratch
Just a pic that my friend took down at the beach the other day...
Will smith gets tricked by his son
Thanksgiving Timelapse
PsBattle: This Zimbabwean celebrating the resignation of dictator Robert Mugabe
Senator Susan Collins appears to be the first Republican lawmaker to publicly oppose Ajit Pai's plan to kill net neutrality. This is huge. This is what it looks like when our backlash starts working. Keep going!
Look mom I'm a scientist!
ELI5: How come spent nuclear fuel is constantly being cooled for about 2 decades? Why can't we just use the spent fuel to boil water to spin turbines?
🔥 We did it! In 1 day the /r/NatureIsFuckingLit community has raised $9,000 for charity in donations to the Wildlife Conservation Institute! Thank you to the 355 people who donated. 🔥
Guys I tried
Kid nails impression
[Postgame Thread] Pittsburgh Defeats Miami 24-14
In Speed, Howard Payne, played by Dennis Hopper, always uses the phone by holding it to his left ear with his right hand. This is very probably due to hearing loss in his right ear caused by the same accident that cost him his left thumb.
Desperate for electricity, Puerto Rico children's hospital goes solar
MRW I'm strong enough to break ice, but I'm no match for statistics
Thanksgiving 2016 vs. Thanksgiving 2017. Nearly identical picture taken one year apart.

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