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Trump travel ban injunction partly lifted by top US court
US senator to block arms sales to Gulf over Qatar crisis
Al-Qaeda: Kidnapped Swede Johan Gustafsson freed after six years
22m Americans to lose cover in Senate healthcare bill
Canada nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer jailed for life for murders
Jewish group cancels Netanyahu dinner over Western Wall decision
Vatican concerns over bishop detained in China
Painter Salvador Dali's body to be exhumed for paternity suit
Germany warns Erdogan bodyguards not to attend G20
Berlusconi hails Italy poll revival as Renzi loses ground
Grenfell Tower: Cladding firm ends global sales for tower blocks
Warmbier: Professor fired for saying he 'got what he deserved'
Blue shark spotted on holiday resort in Majorca
Spain wildfires threaten Doñana nature reserve
The moment Colombia passenger boat sank
Retired UK ambulances saving lives in Syria
Mosul: 'Run and beware of snipers'
How Syrian refugees battle against cancer
Pakistan oil tanker blaze kills dozens
Street named after footballer for a day
South Africa prisoners entertained by 'strippers'
Algerians champion traditional dress for Eid al-Fitr
Nigerian president's Eid speech in Hausa criticised
Russians build three-car fidget spinner
Democracy 'infection'
Blood brothers
'I'm not a bad guy'
In pictures
Quitting while they're ahead
Out of control

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Supreme Court to Hear Travel Ban Case
Senate Health Bill Would Leave 22 Million More Uninsured, CBO Says
Justice Neil Gorsuch supports President Trump's travel ban after refusing to say where he would stand on it
Ivanka Trump says, "I try to stay out of politics'
Case of gay couple's wedding cake heads to Supreme Court
Trump accuses Obama of 'obstructing' the 2016 election
Spicer allows photographs at off-camera White House briefing
Justices to Hear Case on Religious Objections to Same-Sex Marriage
Nintendo Is Producing 'Significantly More' SNES Classic Edition Consoles, But Not For Long
Will the Supreme Court's Trinity decision lead to the spread of school voucher programs?
TSA de-cluttering tests get attention from ACLU
Man convicted of 2nd-degree murder in killing of 'Baby Doe'
The Latest: Trump thanks India for buying military equipment
Philando Castile's family, Minnesota city reach nearly $3 million settlement in his death
iOS 11 preview: keep it simple, smarty
Seattle's Painful Lesson on the Road to a $15 Minimum Wage
French Quarter beating victim heard footsteps, then saw friend motionless on sidewalk
75 Tower Blocks Have Failed Urgent Safety Tests Ordered After The Grenfell Tragedy
Jewish groups cancel meetings with Netanyahu in protest
McEnroe vs. Serena: 44 years after 'Battle of the Sexes,' the same dumb debate
Former Packers RB Ahman Green charged with child abuse
The Amazon Echo now doubles as a home intercom system
No, NASA Hasn't Found Alien Life
College Cuts Ties With Professor Who Called Otto Warmbier 'Young, White, Rich, Clueless'
Harry Potter concerts return to Hollywood Bowl with 'Chamber of Secrets,' 'Prisoner of Azkaban' screenings
Apparently, Peter Parker Is In Iron Man 2
Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid makes All-Rookie First Team
BET Awards 2017: Stars Seek to Unify Black Community
'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's reputation precedes him, affecting jury selection
Salvador Dalí's Body Ordered Exhumed In Paternity Suit


Thank you Reddit for making my dads day!
This street performer
SNES Classic announced!
Kind of proud of this one
The mini SNES Classic launches in September for $80
My tea was doing weird things this morning
My 12 yo daughter illustrated a portrait of me and put in on a mug for Father's Day
Ladies, NOW is the time to call your senators to tell them to vote NO on the GOP healthcare bill. This bill kills maternity coverage. This bill defunds planned parenthood. This bill cuts Medicaid, which covers half of all births. They want to vote this week. Call NOW!
This could have been a headline every day for the last 150+ years
Congress explained.
MRW I gave directions to a stranger and then I realize they were wrong
Researchers suggest replacing car honks with duck quacks
My camera had a weird glitch and made trippy water!!
At stealing
I never questioned my ability to correctly identify images of everyday things until CAPTCHA started gaslighting the underlying definition of things like cars, grass, or street signs leaving me still wondering if the poles are considered part of the sign or not.
Motorcycle passing traffic on the side of the road - WCGW?
Vedic math multiplication method
Flintstones TNG
Porn Companies Join The Fight For Net Neutrality: 'Without [net neutrality], the cable and wireless companies that control internet access will have unfair power to pick winners and losers in the market,' Corey Price, VP of Pornhub,
LPT: If you deal with multiple clients, figure out how they take their coffee and take notes. When meeting with them, get them coffee how they like it. It sets the meeting up to start on a good note.
"Military general from a third world country in an action movie" Starter Pack
No, I am your father. Don't fall on the mattresses. '79
This Watch shows where all the Planets currently are...
A self-professed Tax expert forgot what taxes are for

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