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North Korea tensions: US ready to 'bring Kim Jong-un to his senses'
France election: Macron heckled by pro-Le Pen workers
Missing Taiwanese trekker found in Himalayas after 47 days
Trump seeks tax windfall for business
IS conflict: Iraqi force 'retakes ancient city of Hatra'
Jonathan Demme, director of The Silence of the Lambs, dies at 73
Turkey arrests 1,000 in raids targeting Gulen suspects
Hungary education law: EU to take legal action amid university row
France arrests over Charlie Hebdo and kosher shop attacks
Toronto firefighters rescue woman stranded on crane
Johnny Depp blames managers for money woes
Malaysia schoolboy 'beaten by warden' dies in hospital
Dairy wars: Why is Trump threatening Canada over milk?
White Bengal tiger cub quadruplets at Austria zoo
Caitlyn Jenner talks about life as a transwoman and why she prefers being single.
US and South Korea hold live-fire drill
101-year-old Man Kaur wins 100m dash in New Zealand
Thaad: South Korea protests over US missile defence system
Naked selfie-detecting app Gallery Guardian tested
BBC interview kids cartoon creator 'thrilled' at response
United Airlines investigates giant bunny death
Tajik leader's 'full title' rule comes into force
Buffalo beauty contest held in Pakistan
Exploding snowman forecasts hot summer for Switzerland
Caught tech-handed
Body parts for cash
Facebook horror
Unearthing the past
Global impact
Visions of France

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Trump: national monuments a 'massive federal land grab'
White House unveils dramatic plan to overhaul tax code in major test for Trump
Ann Coulter Says She Will Pull Out of Speech at Berkeley
In Federal Courts v. Trump, public opinion is on the side of the courts
Hard-Line Republican Caucus Backs Revised Bill to Repeal Obamacare
The Bachelor's Chris Soules Checked Kenneth Mosher's Pulse, 911 Call Reveals
ESPN layoffs: Who was fired today? Trent Dilfer, Jayson Stark, Jay Crawford, Ed Werder | LIVE updates
Don't Believe The Big Story About Humans Roaming America 130000 Years Ago
White House considering order to withdraw from NAFTA
Prisco's What Teams 'Should' Do 2017 NFL Mock Draft: One QB in top 20
Net Neutrality Would Loosen Under FCC Chairman's Plan
Marshawn Lynch, Raiders poised to give Oakland memorable run
To counter North Korea, admiral says the US should consider adding ballistic missile interceptors in Hawaii
Future of OKC Thunder, Russell Westbrook will be shaped by key offseason decisions


Jonathan Demme, Oscar-Winning Director of ‘Silence of the Lambs,' Dies At 73
A Good Day to Dog Hard
Powder coating At Home Is Cheap and Easy.
.38 Special vs Prince Ruperts Drop at 170,000 FPS - Smarter Every Day
Harlem, 1976
Thanks Reddit for letting me know I own a bear.... it all makes sense now
Vault-Tec in a nutshell.
ESPN will cut 100 on-air personalities today
Google could be lying about how many search results it gives, noone's going to actually check that far.
Rex Tillerson says sanctions on Russia will remain until Vladimir Putin hands back Crimea to Ukraine
My Uncle sent me this picture of his prosthesis doctor.
Several years ago, mercury levels in Great Salt Lake waterfowl were high enough to warrant a human consumption advisory for ducks. Today, the methylmercury is mostly gone. Researchers aren't exactly sure where the methylmercury went or what's to blame for elevated mercury levels in local wetlands.
A Fox News anchor has joined a lawsuit against the network, alleging racial discrimination
Gold Coast police urging victims to drop complaints to improve crime statistics
When her husband came early
As women rallied at the Illinois Capitol Tuesday, the House passed a measure that would allow abortion to be covered by Medicaid and state-employee health insurance.
[Image] To Starting Over
PsBattle: A cat walking in front of the camera
‘The Tick' Gets August 25 Premiere Date On Amazon
Perfectly laid pipes
TIL that the original food pyramid given to the US govt by nutritionists was altered for the benefit of the food industry and grain growers.
The Living Disappeared - During Argentina's military dictatorship, some 500 babies were born in secret torture centers or kidnapped. A group of grandmothers spent the next four decades searching for them, becoming activists, then icons. But hundreds remained missing. One of them was named Martín.
IamA iOS Jailbreak Tweak Developer AMA!
The FBI had an opening for an assasin
Revisiting Player Distribution within Team Fortress 2 [OC]