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New Scientist

Elderly monkeys choose to have fewer friends – just like us
Roller-coasting birds soar for months and may snooze while aloft
Gene editing could destroy herpes viruses living inside you
Huge newfound deposit of helium will keep MRI scanners running
NASA approves five more years for Hubble Space Telescope
When is an animal a person? Neuroscience tries to set the rules
Massive stunning aurora glows over Jupiter's north pole
Watch a Cygnus spacecraft burn up as it re-enters the atmosphere
New life form discovered in saliva is linked to human disease
Wonder what your plants are ‘saying'? Device lets you listen in
Homebrew meteorites reveal origins of Mercury's weird crust
Prehistoric tombs may have doubled as star-gazing observatories
Robot eyes and humans fix on different things to decode a scene
Rip up the rule book and let NASA's Mars rover check ‘life' zone
Illusion makes people ‘feel' force field around their body
People who meditate are more aware of their unconscious brain
Green lining? Five ways Brexit could be good for the environment
Post Brexit, experts need to reassert their value to society
China wants to share its new space station with the world
Hear! Here! Headphones will now help you navigate the world
Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life two days after death
Beautifully preserved feathers belonged to tiny flying dinosaurs
Zika vaccine protects mice, but may increase risk of dengue
Sexing it app: The erotic video games that explore sexuality
Strange ‘dark hydrogen' may exist deep inside giant gas planets
Angry scientists must fight to pick up the pieces after Brexit
Supreme Court strikes down abortion restrictions in Texas
How the size and shape of your glass affects how much you drink
China plans for space station with most powerful rocket launch
Shampoo bottles get nano-makeover to squeeze out every drop

Scientific American

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BBC Science/Nature

'Healing' detected in Antarctic ozone hole
Call to assure status of EU scientists in UK post-Brexit
Climate change: UK backs world-leading climate target
Rosetta comet probe given termination date
Amazon fires: Humans make rainforest more flammable
Paul Nurse: 'Research needs free movement to thrive'
World class science 'will endure' in UK after Brexit
Automated amphibian teaches us to walk
Ancient birds' wings preserved in amber
Helium discovery a 'game-changer'
EU referendum: UK science wakes up to new future
Solar Impulse completes Atlantic crossing with landing in Seville
Scientists hungry to deliver food system paradigm shift
Buenos Aires to shut scandal-prone zoo
Rise of border fences hampers wildlife movements
Amazon fires: how we make rainforest more flammable
Nasa tests its most powerful booster yet
Frog rescue: Last hope for endangered amphibian
Tim Peake: 'I saw flames outside the window'
British astronaut Tim Peake's 'incredible experience'
Tim Peake: The UK astronaut's best photos and comments
Mars crater named after Nepal quake village Langtang
Inside Porton Down
'Last breath'
Project re-ignited
Dead Sea drying
Zion revisited

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