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New Scientist

Is tech racist? The fight back against digital discrimination
Fossil tumour is oldest evidence of human cancer discovered yet
Hunting for Mars-like life a kilometre below Earth's surface
Why Hinkley Point is a nuclear folly of Titanic proportions
Save the world's largest living thing: build a fence around it
Detective gulls sniff out illegally dumped trash from the skies
Crows are first animals spotted using tools to carry objects
Theresa May reassures UK scientists in wake of Brexit fears
Boozy primates seek out nectar with the highest alcohol content
CRISPR genome editing could save sight by tweaking DNA
Aerial pictures reveal England's ancient archaeological sites
Desk job death risk is eliminated by an hour's walk or cycle
How drones are learning to find their own way in the world
Spiky new ant species is named after Game of Thrones dragons
Red wolf may lose endangered status because it's just a hybrid
Squishy cubes with a secret smile could be used for prosthetics
Jupiter's Great Red Spot is making its atmosphere hotter
Legal ketone sports supplement pushes athletes further, faster
Torn-apart galaxy may be exacting revenge on the Milky Way
Old planets always get too hot or cold for life in the end
Alzheimer's drug that failed trial may still slow disease
Hammerhead sharks roll over and swim sideways to save energy
Orangutan learns to mimic human conversation for the first time
Revealed: the teenage brain upgrades that occur before adulthood
Controversial pesticides may be lowering the sperm count of bees
Universal ancestor of all life on Earth was only half alive
Deepest-ever reef survey by divers discovers new fish species
Bye bye Philae! Comet team to lose touch with lander for good
Missing craters on Ceres may have been smoothed by a mud facial
Dolly the sheep's poor health may not have been due to cloning

Scientific American

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BBC Science/Nature

Hinkley Point gets final investment approval from France's EDF
How a huge school of sharks 'flips the food pyramid'
PM wants positive outcome for science in Brexit talks
Elephant killings in Africa 'stabilise' but threat continues
Jupiter's Great Red Spot 'roars with heat'
Antibiotic resistance: 'Snot wars' study yields new class of drugs
MH370: Missing jet 'could be further north'
Clever koalas learn to cross the road safely
X-rays reveal complete dino skeleton
Increasing ocean acidity could impact fish spawning
Orangutan 'copies human speech'
Dolly the sheep's siblings 'healthy'
Royal Society head calls for 'underwriting' of research
Dutch men revealed as world's tallest
Solar Impulse completes historic round-the-world trip
Scans reveal how teenage brain develops
Sri Lanka prime minister: Mangroves curb climate threat
Rare bog butterfly flutters back from brink
Drought 'shuts down Amazon carbon sink'
Tigers maul two women at Beijing wildlife park
Super-hard metal 'four times tougher than titanium'
Wild birds 'come when called' to help hunt honey
Sunburned dolphin spotted in Moray Firth
Brain map carves cortex into twice as many areas
Vast asteroid created 'Man in Moon's eye' crater
UK lab animal numbers holding steady
Infrastructure 'still faces flood risk'
South Africa's great white sharks 'facing extinction'
Twycross Zoo begins great ape heart disease study
Google uses AI to save on electricity from data centres

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