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New Scientist

Flatland: An unseen art installation
Origami doughnut squashes up to protect what's inside
Not just a headache: How migraine changes your brain
Fast star first fled from a supernova, now the galaxy
Today on New Scientist
Modified E. coli spin fibres as tough as spider silk
The skull that chews up theories of human ancestry
Post-menopausal orcas' wisdom helps family survive
Watch a praying mantis perform acrobatic jumps
Zoologger: Moustache helps hipster spider catch prey
It's the faster, stronger, better Large Hadron Collider
Oldest known member of human family found in Ethiopia
Would you wear yeast perfume? Microbes used to brew scent
Today on New Scientist
Cyborg cockroach has its nerves controlled wirelessly
Europe blazes trail against climate change
Drill into Mars for clues to Earth's climate
Cheap wonder metals will make a faster, cleaner world
Here's the beef - think green and cut meat
Test yourself on Facebook's intelligence questions

Scientific American

Speediest Star's Origins Revealed
Scientists See Same Star Explode Four Times
Early Mars Lost an Ocean's Worth of Water
Road De-Icing Fluids May Contain Unhealthy Chemicals
Buried in Ash
El Nino Officially Declared for 2015
Mathematicians Differentiate True Internet Virality
Storm Drops over a Foot of Snow on Eastern U.S.
Ringling Bros. Circus to Stop Elephant Acts by 2018
Whale Grandmas' Longevity Linked to Knowledge
CO2 Levels for February Eclipsed Prehistoric Highs
Head of National Cancer Institute Resigns
Soil Science: How Moist Is That Mud?
Arctic Sea Ice Is Getting Thinner, Faster
Extreme Rain May Flood 54 Million People by 2030
Jawbone Fossil May Mark Dawn of Humankind
Science Debunks Midlife Myths
How Lab Rats Are Changing Our View of Obesity
A Waste of Space [Commentary]
Why Space Stinks [Video]
No Link Found between Psychedelics and Psychosis
Heroin Overdose Deaths Nearly Quadruple in 13 Years
Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2015
Microbiome Research May Soon Pay Off Big
Our Ears Can Detect Cancer And Space Weather

BBC Science/Nature

Pop-up playgrounds fold themselves
Dawn probe set for Ceres arrival
Science 'squeezed out of primaries'
DNA reveals bird shift surprise
Global flood toll to triple by 2030
African synchrotron bid gathers pace
'First human' discovered in Ethiopia
Autism appears 'largely genetic'
Magic 'metamaterials' storm physics
Stegosaurus gives up body weight
New threats to wild bees identified
Kew cuts 'a recipe for failure'
Power plants paid to stay idle - MPs
Scientists produce TB-resistant cows
Coffee linked to 'cleaner' arteries
New Higgs detection 'closes circle'
Rosetta catches its own shadow
Bloodhound car begins to take shape
Google camera zips along rainforest
UK to pioneer lagoon power plants
First tree seeds for Doomsday vault
Lords call for UK Arctic ambassador
US sea level rise 'very unusual'
VIDEO: New threats to wild bees identified
VIDEO: Talking Movies: How Greenpeace began
VIDEO: The greatest threat to China's elephants
VIDEO: Prince's call to end ivory trade
VIDEO: MPs' warning over Kew Gardens cuts
VIDEO: 'How I snapped weasel on bird photo'
VIDEO: Dramatic volcanic eruption in Chile

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