New Scientist

Astronaut pee could keep plants alive in space for decades
Most complex biocomputer ever is made from human cells
Skin spray heals US woman's flesh-eating bacteria wounds
In 30 years Asian-Pacific fish will be gone, and then we're next
This is why it's so hard to bring yourself to delete Facebook
US wants first drones that can kill people truly independently
CRISPR immune system lets silkworms defeat viral infections
Does your kids' DNA matter more than which school they go to?
A very pregnant female ray had to fend off four courting males
Fresh water can pull stains out of fabric with an electric field
Calorie restriction may extend lifespan by changing your sleep
Male balding may be cured by injecting epilepsy drug into scalp
Heavy metal poisoning may be changing birds' personalities
Fallout from Facebook data scandal may hit health research
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is gobbling up ever more plastic
The plan to suck huge amounts of drinkable water out of thin air
The universe may end in a collision with a bubble of nothingness
Space ‘disco ball' satellite just fell back down to Earth
Watch this robotic fish flap its fins in Fiji's Rainbow Reef
​Upgraded Pap test detects two extra cancers before ​they spread
Immune-boosting gel prevents cancer relapse after surgery
Wearable scanner can image your brain while you're on the move
Weird Antarctic ice may explain how life endured on frozen Earth
Medicine for sick koalas turns out to actually kill them
Fed up with Facebook? Here's how to fix your online privacy
Down's syndrome has become the newest front in the abortion wars
Dark radiation may fix our broken understanding of the universe
Huge Australian bushfire was caused by unseasonal freak weather
Craft beer may get cheaper thanks to GM yeast with hoppy flavour
Self-driving Uber death should halt tech's race to the bottom

Scientific American

Can Meditation Make Us Nicer?
Long-Lost Horse Toes Found
Nature: Closer Than It Seems
Is It Safe to Eat Freezer Burned Food?
Global CO2 Emissions Rise after Paris Climate Agreement Signed
Ravens Crow with Individual Flair
Ready Player One: We Are Surprisingly Close to Realizing Just Such a VR Dystopia
The Season Finale of This Is Us Offers an Important Public Health Lesson
Congress Says Biomass Is Carbon-Neutral, but Scientists Disagree
National Flood Insurance Is Underwater Because of Outdated Science
What Does It Mean When We Call Addiction a Brain Disorder?
A Quest for Old, Cold Mud
Wave of Climate Migration Looms, but It "Doesn’t Have to Be a Crisis"
Primeval Salt Shakes Up Ideas on How the Atmosphere Got Its Oxygen
Oil Giant Accepts Climate Consensus, Denies Responsibility for Warming
U.S. Science Agencies Set to Win Big in Budget Deal
Why Is It So Hard to Talk about Money?
Worn Like a Helmet, a New Brain Scanner Aims to Make It Easier to Treat Kids with Epilepsy
Long-term Gains: Pre-K Programs Lead to Furthered Education Later in Life
We Need to Talk More about Physician Burnout
Looking for Planet Nine, Astronomers Gaze into the Abyss
U.S. Flu Spread Counts On Southern Cold Snaps
Virologist Robert Redfield Named as Next CDC Director
Uber Self-Driving Car Fatality Reveals the Technology's Blind Spots
European Space Agency Picks Exoplanet-Studying Spacecraft for 2028 Launch

BBC Science/Nature

How effective are earthquake early warning systems?
Mount Etna is 'sliding towards the sea'
Hamelin Bay: Nearly 150 beached whales die in Australia
Plastic patch in Pacific Ocean growing rapidly, study shows
How DNA can be used to store computer data
Origin of 'six-inch mummy' confirmed
Curiosity rover: 2,000 days on Mars
'Radical change' needed on countryside
Ocean plastic could triple in decade
New plant list to help deter garden deer
UK will lead European exoplanet mission
Northern white rhino: Last male Sudan dies in Kenya
Brexit: Ministers suffer nuclear defeat in Lords
Children drawing more women in science
Stephen Hawking's ashes to be interred near Sir Isaac Newton's grave
Breaking mould in male-dominated industry
Macular degeneration: 'I've been given my sight back'
Changing environment influenced human evolution
Anger over Sheffield's plan to fell healthy trees
How science GCSEs in England are changing
Meet the dogs being trained to sniff out looted ancient treasures
Last male northern white rhino dies in Kenya
Footage of first polar bear cub born in UK in 25 years
Stephen Hawking on God, artificial intelligence and mankind's future
Triceratops may have had horns to attract mates
Japanese basket pattern inspires new material
Engineering giant
Human-eye VR
Toxic task
Glorious mud

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