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New Scientist

Daydream believers: Is imagination our greatest skill?
Rainbow galaxies reveal why cosmos is full of spirals
Finding Nemo is real: Clownfish make epic sea journeys
China clamps down on dirtiest coal to curb pollution
Artificial sweeteners linked to glucose intolerance
Lasers slim down on stopped-light diet
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Record sea ice around Antarctica due to global warming
World closes in on goal of halving hunger by 2015
Shockers: Psychology experiments that we'd ban now
Boeing and SpaceX bag NASA's $6.8bn space taxi prize
Leaky wells, not fracking, polluted US drinking water
Stem cells used in landmark therapy for failing sight
No, Jaws is not lurking off the Cornish coast
Simple urine test detects cervical cancer virus
The war for our attention in a land of infinite choice
Today on New Scientist
Failing students saved by stress-detecting app
Portraits of the adorable creatures of the night
Go low-carbon for the money, says high-profile report
Human 'language gene' makes mice smarter
The go-between: Life's unexpected messenger
Socrates among the psychopaths
Thrills and spills at first electric Formula E race
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Scientific American

Genius Grant To Science Historian
Science Fiction Excerpt: Caveat Time Traveller
Chinese Sturgeon Give Up, Stop Breeding in Polluted Yangtze River
Sugar Substitutes Linked to Obesity
Prime Numbers Scholar Wins 2014 MacArthur "Genius Grant"
NASA Picks SpaceX and Boeing to Fly U.S. Astronauts on Private Spaceships
Asteroid Families Traced Back to the Collisions That Spawned Them
New Report on Chimp Violence Fails to Support Deep-Roots Theory of War
How Big Bang Gravitational Waves Could Revolutionize Physics
Quantum Short 2014 Film Contest Accepting Entries
Investigating the Lives and Deaths of Star Clusters
Heavy Rainfall, Flash Flooding Threaten Arizona, New Mexico
No Place to Hide for Africa's Pangolins amid China Buying Spree
Cars Will Cook the Planet Absent Shift to Public Transportation
U.S. Commits Troops and $750M to Ebola Fight
Fracking Woes Stem from Oil Addiction, Not Hydraulic Fracturing
Motorcycling to Ebola Treatment Could Spread the Infection
Wanted by NASA: Space Telescope Director with Spy Credentials
Delayed Retreat of India Monsoon Rains to Start This Weekend
Could Using Air Fresheners During Pregnancy Boost Childhood Asthma Risk?
Leopards Wolf Down Fido in India Ag Area
Floods, Storms and Quakes Uproot 22 million in 2013
Ditching Cars for Buses, Bikes Best Way to Cut City Pollution
New York State Denied Federal Funds for Flagship Bridge Project
This Rare White Possum Could Soon Be a Ghostly Memory

BBC Science/Nature

Europeans drawn from three 'tribes'
Chin strap turns chewing into power
Better mobility key for clean cities
Nasa picks astronaut ship designs
Richard III death injuries revealed
Ebola vaccine trial begins
VIDEO: Lasers deliver brighter 3D films
Inky prints show state of hedgehogs
Ebola global security threat - Obama
Red card for 'greenest' government
Climate change remedies 'affordable'
US gas leaks not caused by fracking
Rosetta comet landing site chosen
Ancient China fish 'nearly extinct'
Brazil builds giant Amazon tower
Ban on shark trade comes into force
Goldfish has brain operation
China boy finds 3,000-year-old sword
Progress for giant laser instrument
Robot could load up dishwasher
'Giant swimming dinosaur' unearthed
Brain 'still active during sleep'
Rosetta comet chaser takes 'selfie'
Concussion 'breathalyser' proposed
Western Australia shark cull blocked
Consumers driving 'shock' tree loss
Amazon destruction increases again
Prioritising islands' pest control
Food crop wild relatives endangered
Blue whale numbers bounce back

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