New Scientist

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Facebook is testing AI tools to help prevent suicide
UTIs could soon be life-threatening without new antibiotics
Cosmic popcorn effect helps space dust survive our atmosphere
Atmospheric rivers leave California dried out and then flooded
Tiptoeing termites bang their heads to mimic ant footsteps
Squid evolved in marine wars more than 100 million years ago
Morphing drone takes off like a helicopter, flies like a plane
Plain packets help smokers quit by killing brand identities
Was Kim Jong-nam killed by VX nerve gas? Doesn't look like it
If an asteroid hit London only 3% of deaths would be from impact
BPA-free water bottles may contain another harmful chemical
The feeling you get when nails scratch a blackboard has a name
SpaceX plans to send two civilians around the moon next year
Game theory says publicly shaming cyberattackers could backfire
De-extinction dilemma: reviving dead species may doom the living
Snow will melt more slowly in a warmer world – here's why
A loaf of bread emits half a kilo of CO2, mainly from fertiliser
Caterpillars vibrate anuses to send food and shelter alerts
Why we are so bad at spotting if our kids are overweight
As Brexit looms, a soundbite strategy for UK science won't do
Try these simple mental tests to see if you're a good athlete
Does a networked world need a new approach to doing good?
Having a cigarette may make your body crave coffee too
AI learns to write its own code by stealing from other programs
Augmented reality lets cars communicate to reduce road rage
There's no such thing as ‘clean coal' – it's dirty and expensive
Bill Gates' robot tax alone won't save jobs: here's what will
AI beats professional players at Super Smash Bros. video game
Bees learn to play golf and show off how clever they really are

Scientific American

Physicists Catch Antimatter and Matter Misbehaving
Reprintable Paper Becomes a Reality
Facebook Employs Artificial Intelligence in Attempt to Prevent Suicides
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Genes for Smelling Asparagus Metabolites Determine Urine Luck
Unveiling the Real Evil Genius 
The Rise of Evidence-Based Psychiatry
Medical Marijuana Faces Fed's Catch-22
SpaceX to Fly Humans around the Moon as Soon as 2018
Humans Start Most Wildfires

BBC Science/Nature

'Best ever' view of what a dinosaur really looked like
Tagged animals at risk from hunters and nature-lovers
Scotland's non-biting midges
Nest-boxes no substitute for tree cavities, says study
'Oldest' Iron Age gold work in Britain found in Staffordshire
UK 'must insulate 25 million homes'
Fears for environment as automatic legal 'cost cap' scrapped
Bread's environmental costs are counted
Nobel winner: Attack on experts 'undermines science'
New UN climate chief: 'Action on warming unstoppable'
UK robotics research gets £17.3m pledge
'Good vibration' hand pumps boost Africa's water security
Minister to enshrine protection for research independence
Most wood energy schemes are a 'disaster' for climate change
Star's seven Earth-sized worlds set record
'Magical thinking' on Heathrow expansion
Plane flies along Antarctica's giant Larsen crack
Plastic from tyres 'major source' of ocean pollution
Meet the frog that can sit on a thumbnail
Will SpaceX be ready to fly tourists around the moon?
Scientists have found a way of growing human tissue on apples
Can Spraybot make your home warmer?
US children's hospital helps save life of baby hippo
Island that inspired National Trust finally given to group
Seven Earth-sized planets found orbiting single star
Slippery bottle solves ketchup problem
Lemur facial recognition tool developed
Most scientists 'can't replicate studies by their peers'
Roger Harrabin: World v Trump on climate deal?
Satisfying the thirsty