New Scientist

Earth's methane emissions are rising and we don't know why
The oceans are very slowly draining into the rock below Earth's crust
Organic matter from space preserved in 3.3-billion-year-old rocks
Drones flown straight at aircraft to test collision avoidance tech
NASA picks Maxar to build the first piece of its lunar space station
High-tech wood could keep homes cool by reflecting the sun's rays
The tiniest fish are the most important for healthy coral reefs
The backlash against face recognition has begun – but who will win?
SpaceX is launching 60 satellites to start its global internet scheme
Aaaaaargh! The true nature of screaming has finally been revealed
Chimpanzees eat tortoises after smashing them open on tree trunks
Robots conduct daily health inspections of schoolchildren in China
Polarisation on social media could be reduced with a few simple tweaks
The average animal will be 10 per cent smaller in the next century
Deaths from strokes in England have halved in just a decade
Gut microbes may determine whether infants develop food allergies
Specially created animal 'cancer avatars' could personalise treatments
China confirmed as source of illegal ozone-destroying chemicals
Working hypothesis: From Japanese phone numbers to Woody Harrelson
DNA from mummy's tomb reveals ancient Egyptian origins of watermelon
Drone can transform into a tiny car to slide under small gaps
Lyme disease is spreading across the US but your dog can help track it
The truth about lie detectors: They don't work and never have
The young sun spun slowly, which could explain why we are here
Plastic straws will be banned in England from April 2020
Women who have cardiac arrests are more likely to die than men
Chimps that mash potatoes challenge our understanding of tool use
Contaminated blood scandal: Could some deaths have been prevented?
Turning CO2 into animal feed could make it greener for us to eat meat
Putting a bird feeder in your garden really does help wildlife

Scientific American

The Universe as Cosmic Dashboard
"Tug-of-War" between Air Pollution and CO2 Masks Warming's Impacts
Are Nutritional Supplements a Waste of Money?
We Can't Solve Climate Change without Nuclear Power
New Law Would Help Bees--but Could Leave Other Pollinators out in the Cold
Icy Room Temperatures May Chill Productivity

Secrets of the Universe Revealed!
Tiny, Snackable Fish Are Linchpins of Coral Reef Ecosystems
Indigenous Peoples Have a Critical Role in Conserving Nature
Mystery Solved: Warming Superpollutant Tracked to China
What Are the Biological Consequences of Homelessness?
Where (Some of) Earth's Gold Came From
What Happened to All of the Universe's Antimatter?
Bird Beak Shapes Depend on More Than Diet
Science on the Hill: Solving the Plastic Waste Problem
Anthropocene Now: Influential Panel Votes to Recognize Earth's New Epoch
Effort to Trade Gas for Hydropower in Northeast Meets Resistance
How to Reverse the Assault on Science
We Broke the Atmosphere; Here's a Way We Can Start to Fix It
Creative Types Reserve a Special Corner of the Brain for Dreaming Big
A World Run with Code
Beautiful Math
What Prevents Pluto's Ocean from Freezing?
Turn Methane into CO2 to Reduce Warming, Experts Propose
Why Do Some Green Activists Eat Meat?

BBC Science/Nature

School strike for climate: Protests staged around the world
'Sabotaged' tanker in Gulf of Oman leaked oil
Everest: Three more die amid overcrowding near summit
The man who made Einstein world-famous
SpaceX puts up 60 internet satellites
Climate change: Answers to your most asked questions
Ozone layer: Banned CFCs traced to China say scientists
Letter makes plea to rich over climate
'Unique' Iron Age shield discovered in Leicestershire
Straws: UK government to bring in new controls on plastic
Climate change: Global sea level rise could be bigger than expected
Washington becomes first US state to legalise human composting
Scientists: Why we should appreciate wasps
Greenpeace activists inside boxes block BP headquarters
Mars: The box seeking to answer the biggest question
Compassionate conservation is 'seriously flawed'
Crickets have hit the high street - can they save the planet?
Spain alarmed by French bear's attacks on sheep
Single mum's Nasa internship funded by strangers
Brazil's Vale warns another mining dam at risk of collapse
Will India energy pledges lead to CO2 rise?
Bedbugs survived the dinosaur extinction event
Plastic pollution: Flip-flop tide engulfs 'paradise' island
Artificial life form given 'synthetic DNA'
Antarctic instability 'is spreading'
Chang'e-4: Chinese rover 'confirms' Moon crater theory
Wood wide web: Trees' social networks are mapped
Medieval manuscript code 'unlocked' by Bristol academic
Olive tree killer disease still poses risk to Europe
Antarctic revealed in sharper 3D view

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