New Scientist

Volcanoes that spew stretchy ice could make dwarf planets bright
Google's quantum computing plans threatened by IBM curveball
Dark energy survives neutron star crash test while rivals fail
Police body cams were meant to keep us safer. Are they working?
Scotland has banned smacking children – so should everyone else
Dimming the sun could save corals from bleaching and hurricanes
Songbird gets angry when its rivals are brilliant at singing
A home test kit may let you diagnose endometriosis years earlier
Steep decline of wasps and other flying nasties is a bad sign
Dogs really can smell your fear, and then they get scared too
Why our ‘freakish' galaxy has got cosmologists seriously worried
The mass extinction that might never have happened
Speaking up against sexual abuse is hard – #MeToo changes that
Self-harming has risen dramatically among UK teenage girls
The 5 biggest discoveries from the hunt for gravitational waves
Hunger-blocking injection lets fat monkeys quickly lose weight
A common herbal medicine may cause liver cancer mutations
Huge Piccadilly Circus screen will target ads at certain cars
AlphaGo's AI upgrade gets round the need for human input
Gravitational waves have let us see huge neutron stars colliding
Online game will spot if you have hidden cybersecurity talents
A tech-destroying solar flare could hit Earth within 100 years
Google and Apple yet to fix Wi-Fi hole in a billion devices
Astronaut wee could show us how the plumes on Enceladus work
A gaggle of 7 moons keep Saturn's rings from breaking apart
Online dating may be breaking down society's racial divisions
Roadside barrier that folds like origami blocks traffic noise
Four brain genes help explain obsessive compulsive disorder
Sex addiction isn't an illness, treating it as one is a bad idea
How to clean up the dirty water Puerto Ricans are drinking

Scientific American

Paleo Profile: The Fierce Cat
Underestimating After-School STEM Is for the Birds
Quantum Machine Goes in Search of the Higgs Boson
Household Chores for Mathematicians
See Food Diet
Parasite Can Pass Warnings between Co-Joined Hosts
Space Science Needs a Private-Funding Boost
China Bans Foreign Waste--but What Will Happen to the World's Recycling?
Mosquitos to Other Flying Insects: Do You Even Generate Lift?
DNA Techniques Could Transform Facial Recognition Technology
East of Siberia: The Fragility of Field Plans
Jupiter's Stormy Winds Churn Deep into the Planet
Oceans Can Rise in Sudden Bursts
A Sugar Tax Is Not Enough
The U.S. Is Retreating from Religion
Link between Adolescent Pot Smoking and Psychosis Strengthens
Keep Your Wi-Fi off KRACK
Humans May Be Influencing Bird Evolution in Their Backyards
Why Is There So Little Research on Guns in the US? 5 Questions Answered
Sleeping Sickness Can Now be Cured with Pills
FDA Approves Second CAR-T Treatment for Cancer
How Ether Transformed Surgery from a Race against the Clock
Why Are Scientists So Bad at Recycling?
Engulfed in Opioid Deaths, Ohio Turns to Science
When Scientists Say, "Me Too"

BBC Science/Nature

The place spacecraft go to die
Alarm over decline in flying insects
Stonehenge builders 'ate food from Scotland'
A brief history of the Earth's CO2
Photo of butchered rhino wins top award
'Big, bad wolf' image flawed - scientists
1,000mph 'Bloodhound' rocket car fires up
Penguins die in 'catastrophic' Antarctic breeding season
Nasa carbon space observatory 'watches Earth breathe'
How do you build the next-generation internet?
DNA study provides insight into how to live longer
UK-Dutch-built Sentinel launches to track air quality
Ozone layer recovery could be delayed by 30 years
Clean Growth Plan could see stamp duty incentive for homeowners
Satellites spy Antarctic 'upside-down ice canyon'
Asteroid close approach to test warning systems
Mass extinctions 'offer cautionary tale'
'Sooty birds' reveal hidden US air pollution
New evidence on how birds took to the air
British mission to giant A-68 berg approved
Siberian blue robin excites bird watchers in Orkney
Australia's solar challenge begins
Ivory trade to be banned in UK 'to protect elephants'
Pesticides linked to bee deaths found in most honey samples
Mike Pence wants to see astronauts return to the Moon
Pollution hot spots around the world
Colombia vets nurse tiny spider monkey back to health
Neutron stars: 'Hear' the mighty cosmic collision
Puppy dog eyes are for human benefit, say scientists
How this camel ended up in Norway

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