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New Scientist

Brazil's resettlement of farmers has driven Amazon deforestation
Mix fish secretions with shrimp shells to make super sunscreen
Ebola vaccine success: Race is now on to protect those at risk
Cancer scare halts pioneering stem-cell trial to cure blindness
The cyber-mechanics who protect your car from hackers
Nemo seems to thrive in waters warmed by climate change
Caterpillar drugs ants to turn them into zombie bodyguards
#RosettaWatch: Philae lander reveals comet 67P's fluffy surface
Ancient crystals show Earth's magnetic field switched on early
In So Many Words: Minute world with big stories to tell
NASA plans smart air traffic control for drones
Zoologger: The giant sea spider that sucks life out of its prey
Newly discovered species of peacock spider is a masked seducer
Layer of melting ice helps spheres fall faster through water
The apps that let you earn money while you holiday
Bitter foods are healthy: How to cook them like a pro
Neptune's sudden jolt could explain weird ring in Kuiper belt
Clusters of living worlds would hint life came from outer space
Hackers take control of smart car via the internet
Hillary Clinton wants every home to be powered by clean energy

Scientific American

Life's Building-Block Chemicals Found on Comet by Lander
How the Brain Purges Bad Memories
What Science Says about Kids and Tech
Hacked Molecular Machine Could Pump Out Custom Chemicals
Forests Suck Up Less Carbon after Drought
Missing: 1 Year's Worth of California Rain
Giant Squeaker Frog Gets Ready for Cries of Joy
Book Review: Genius at Play
Facing Poison Gas, 1915
Young Scientist Makes Jet Engines Leaner and Cleaner with Plasma
Big Polluting Vehicles Roar Back with Low Gasoline Prices
How to Get to the Fourth Dimension
MIND Reviews Whispersync for Voice
Experimental Ebola Vaccine Looks "Promising": World Health Org
Eye-Tracking Goggles Look for Concussions
Graphene Kirigami
Looking for Horizontal Gene Transfer in the Bacteria That Make Cheese Delicious
YouTube's Rock Stars of Science Make a Splash at VidCon
What Global Warming Means for 4 of Summer's Worst Pests
Drought May Stunt Forests' Ability to Grow for Years
YouTube's Rock Stars of Science Make a Splash at VidCon [Video]
A Really Long Straw
Can Planting Trees Make Up for Warming River Water?
Google Street View Soon to Picture Local Pollution, Too
"Imperfect" Vaccines May Aid Survival of Ultrahot Viruses

BBC Science/Nature

US energy plan to boost renewables
Earth magnetic shield is much older
Big year ahead for James Webb telescope
AA joins protest at green changes
Wales surf wave generator starts up
Comet yields 'rich array' of organics
Robot can leap from water's surface
Aquariums 'deliver health benefits'
Aurora found beyond our Solar System
Alarm over Cambodia 'timber grab'
Bendy tech promise for graphene
Olive tree blight spreads to Corsica
Could plane debris be MH370?
How ant armies move massive meals
'Extinct' fly found in nature reserve
Rare rhino death leaves just four
Structural secret of T. rex's teeth
VIDEO: New science for James Webb Telescope
VIDEO: The robot that jumps on water
VIDEO: Chimps eating clay 'as supplement'
VIDEO: Virgin Galactic crash: Brakes blamed
VIDEO: Chasing Britain's most threatened duck
VIDEO: Scientists fear robotic weapons
VIDEO: The bag designed to thwart terrorists
VIDEO: All the Pluto pictures in 60 seconds
In pictures: Ecology photo prize
Great robotic missions to explore space
Why we like to believe that dinosaurs were scaly
Bloodhound Diary: A riveting 'tail'
Iberian lynx returns to Spain from verge of extinction

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