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New Scientist

Could this bee love? Rekindling our affection for bees
Sleepy sun could make Mars trips deadly
Today on New Scientist
Chaotic cosmic wombs may birth backwards planets
Quantum internet could cross seas by container ship
Julian Assange: 'I hope there's much still to come'
Why closing borders won't stop Ebola's rampage
Bat dozes through the depths of a Polish winter
Quantum computers: The world's first buyers' guide
Quantum computer buyers' guide: Hardware
Quantum computer buyers' guide: Getting started
Why language is neither an instinct nor innate
Comet immortalised before close call with spacecraft
Number of eggs a woman has predicts heart attack risk
Today on New Scientist
In defence of offering egg freezing to women workers
China set to launch probe on round trip to the moon
Campaign blunts Vietnamese demand for rhino horn
Wearable tech lets boss track your work, rest and play
Europe's new scientific revolution
Powering up the poor shouldn't hurt the climate
Oldest genitals found. Went out of fashion for eons
Fetus's arthritis genes can affect the mother
Secret US spaceplane lands after 674-day mission
Light beacons let map app talk to blind people

Scientific American

Does Your Average Scientist Need an Ethicist on Call?
U.S. Midterm Elections Offer Little Hope for Science
Brazil Protects Giant Swathe of Amazon Rainforest
Toyota and Honda Have the Most Fuel-Efficient Cars
Oceans Could Lose $1 Trillion in Value Due to Acidification
Aren’t Cancer Cells the Worst?
Zooniverse: Penguin Watch
The Creative Gifts of ADHD
Can Wild Pigs Ravaging the U.S. Be Stopped?
The Top 10 Martin Gardner Scientific American Articles
Partial Solar Eclipse to Darken U.S. Skies This Week
New Delhi Braces for Worst Air Quality
Coyote Size Forces Smartness
Island Nation Sets Up World's First Crowdfunded Marine Protected Area
Recent Lunar Discoveries Reveal a "New Moon"
A Centennial Celebration of Martin Gardner
A Hubble Telescope for the Mind
How to Manage a Creative Organization
The Science of Monster Storms
El Niño Ups Flood Risk
Predatory Fish Have Declined by Two Thirds in the 20th Century
Sony Tests a Ball That Hovers
Fossils Rewrite History of Sex
Human or Hobbit?
Lizard Stowaways Revise Principle of Ecology

BBC Science/Nature

Physics reveals how nature sparkles
Slumbering lions win top photo prize
Tractor beam breaks distance record
Pesticide bans 'could hit UK crops'
Aussie bees fight 'hive wars'
Man walks again after transplant
Ebola serum for Africa 'in weeks'
Europe 'will fail to protect climate'
African solar plan to power UK homes
Comet Siding Spring skims past Mars
Sex emerged in ancient Scottish lake
UK city planning advice for China
Mysterious US space plane returns
Solar farms 'blight on landscape'
New disease 'killing amphibians'
Giant kangaroo 'walked on two feet'
Carnivores 'help trees shed thorns'
Audi claims self-drive speed record
Students build Oculus Moon robot
Death Star moon is 'wonky or watery'
Name sought for comet landing site
UK science 'losing ground' to rivals
Mercury's hidden water-ice revealed
Ancient mosaic found at Greece tomb
New form of space weather identified
Smart meters open to hack attack
Plants 'absorb more CO2 than thought'
Paterson in 'lights out' warning
UK waters face 'invasional meltdown'
Woman finds three-inch leech in nose

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