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New Scientist

Reading on screens is different – does it matter?
Why bird divorces are good news for the females
Heart ops shrink thanks to surgeon in your vein
Supernova shock waves create glowing arcs across sky
Gold origami exerts strange power over light
Goodbye, paper: What we miss when we read on screen
Computers are learning to see the world like we do
Brain decoder can eavesdrop on your inner voice
Today on New Scientist
Seabed feeding frenzy proves dead jellyfish get eaten
Computer with human-like learning will program itself
Cargo rocket explosion is a blow for commercial space
Cellular alchemy turns skin cells into brain cells
Trap cells in sound to create strong cartilage
Number of disease outbreaks jumps fourfold since 1980
A killer plague wouldn't save the planet from us
Coming face to face with a shy thresher shark
What one Amazonian tribe teaches us
Guzzling milk might boost your risk of breaking bones
The comeback cubs: The great sea otter invasion
Cold moon Enceladus has heart of warm fluff
Today on New Scientist
Plan to save Great Barrier Reef doomed to failure
Virus recreated after 700 years in icy caribou poo
Massive flares erupt from largest sunspot in 25 years

Scientific American

An Ill Wind Blows in Antarctica, Threatens Global Flooding
Birth Control Could Help the Environment, But Not Quickly
Spooky Science: The Sounds of Halloween
Maine Nurse Defies State Ebola Quarantine, Leaves Home
Mental Leaps Cued by Memory's Ripples
Ebola Exacerbates West Africa's Poverty Crisis
Anarchic Autism Genetics Gain a Touch of Clarity
We Can Now Send Thoughts Directly between Brains
Small Wonders: 20 Winning Images Depict Life under the Microscope [Slide Show]
The Science of Death and Zombies
Hurricane Sandy Spawns Storm of Climate Research
Methane Emissions May Swell from behind Dams
Does the Universe Violate the Laws of Thermodynamics?
Plastic Chemical Linked to Changes in Baby Boy's Genitals
Can China's Bid to Turn Coal to Gas Be Stopped?
Quantum World Proposed to Arise from Many Ordinary Ones
Fact or Fiction?: Antigravity Chambers Exist
Can You Escape Zombies If You Smell Like Death?
Gas-Spewing Icelandic Volcano Stuns Scientists
Remembering Polio Vaccine Developer Jonas Salk a Century after His Birth
Melting Cave Ice Is Taking Ancient Climate Data with It
Private Rocket to Make 2nd Launch Try Tonight
Deepwater Horizon Gunk Settled Far and Wide
Radio JOVE
Online Personalization Means Prices Are Tailored to You, Too

BBC Science/Nature

IPCC debates 'most important' report
New species of frog in urban jungle
Rocket makers probe US explosion
Koala chlamydia vaccine raises hope
Key to sounding charismatic revealed
Salt destroying fertile land - UN
Giant tortoise 'miraculous' recovery
Met Office supercomputer confirmed
Google developing a cancer detector
Two genes linked with violent crime
Protection plan 'will not save reef'
Population controls 'not effective'
Paper test can detect Ebola strains
Eyeball link to Alzheimer's studied
Swan numbers show 'alarming crash'
Google boss sets new skydive record
Science chief warns on acid oceans
EU leaders agree CO2 emissions cut
Have there been lions in London since 1210?
Piece of Australia found in Vanuatu
Legal fight begins to save beavers
Monster shark 'kept whales in check'
Farmland birds show rapid decline
DNA yields secrets of human pioneer
Mystery of giant arm dinosaur solved
Slumbering lions win top photo prize
Gladiators were 'mostly vegetarian'
'Tree of the Year' shortlist issued
Turtles tracked on swimming frenzy
Wind farms outstrip nuclear power

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