Early cancer detection startup GRAIL closes on $900 million in Series B funding
Baidu Ventures partners with Comet Labs as both double down on artificial intelligence
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Nearpod raises $21 million to turn mobile devices into a teaching tool rather than classroom distraction
Foursquare launches Pilgrim SDK to let developers leverage location
Yelp picks up restaurant waitlist app Nowait for $40 million
Coding bootcamps commit to transparency in reporting around job placement
Google contributes its gRPC framework to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Carriers banking on cars to drive 5G, rev up a new growth engine
Class Action lawsuit alleges PayPal diverts charitable donations from intended recipients, misleads consumers
Snap explored selling a 360 camera
Apple and Samsung are set to reignite the fanboy wars
Unicorn valuations remain elusive for politics-focused startups
Snap reportedly looked at drones as a product option
In liquid biopsy race, Freenome lands $65 million, led by Andreessen Horowitz
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Cobalt takes the wraps off its indoor security robots
Square's Caviar now lets people order food ahead for pickup
Twitter adds more anti-abuse measures focused on banning accounts, silencing bullying
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