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Facebook was warned about app permissions in 2011
JASK and the future of autonomous cybersecurity
Hip hop finds its beat in the startup scene
‘Black Panther' just became North America's highest-grossing superhero movie
Are corporations that use Wikipedia giving back?
Gillmor Gang: Facelift
Cambridge Analytica raided by UK data watchdog
Tim Cook addresses Facebook privacy, U.S./China relations at Beijing event
Original Content podcast: Confronting the tragedy of Hulu's ‘Looming Tower'
Establishing ethical guidelines for marketing cryptocurrencies
Snap reportedly bought its very own 3D game engine
The web will soon be a little safer with the approval of this new security standard
Watch Alexa rap with Too Many T's in this interactive music video
IPOs are back, but for how long?
This MIDI-powered robotic music box is the good news I needed this week
House and Senate put Zuckerberg on notice: ‘You are the right person to testify before Congress'
Drew Houston on wooing Dropbox's IPO investors: ‘We don't fit neatly into any one mold'
Dropbox CEO Drew Houston emphasizes user trust on IPO day amid Facebook's troubles
Watch ‘Silicon Valley' actors rip a VR bong in the hacker hostel


Space Photos of the Week: You Can't Clean Up Space, It's Too Messier
Best Smart Earbuds for Travel: AirPods, Pixel Buds, Erato Verse
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10 Tech and Gaming Deals: Sea of Thieves, Star Wars, Alienware, Netgear
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In Search of God's Mathematical Perfect Proofs
Eye Tracking Is Coming to Virtual Reality Sooner Than You Think. What Now?
Craigslist Shuts Personal Ads for Fear of New Internet Law
Everyone Knows How to Secure Elections. So Do It
Gadget Lab Podcast: More Questions Than Answers in Uber's Fatal Arizona Crash
Spending Bill Gives Green Energy Its R&D Budget-But That's Not All It Needs
Tumblr Names Russian Propaganda Accounts After Long Silence
DOJ Indicts 9 Iranians For Brazen University Cyberattacks
Best Travel Gear: Mophie, Amazon Kindle, Allbirds, Lululemon, Hex
How Much Energy Can You Store in a Rubber Band?
The Ryan Coogler Effect: What the Success of 'Black Panther' Means for Black Directors
Everything You Need to Know About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica
Optoma UHD60 Review: A 4K Projector for Less Than $2,000
Uber's Fatal Crash, a Model 3 Review, and More Car News
How a Boise, Idaho Company Thrives in the Global Chip Business
Montecito Is Everything Bad About Climate Change in a Single California Town
Uber's Fatal Crash and the Ethics of Testing Self-Driving Cars
'Pacific Rim Uprising' Review: A Big, Loud Movie That Needs Guillermo del Toro
Facebook's New Data Restrictions Will Handcuff Even Honest Researchers
Trump's Latest China Tariffs Could Hurt Tech-and Even Social Media
The Best Alternative For Every Facebook Feature
The 'Pacific Rim Uprising' Cast Answers Kaiju Trivia
Key Takeaways From Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Media Blitz
Uber Crash Proves Cities Are Asleep at the Wheel


Shodan Search Exposes Thousands of Servers Hosting Passwords and Keys
World Cities Go Dark For 'Earth Hour' Climate Campaign
Elon Musk Slows Tesla Deliveries On 'Dangerous' Trucks
Pirate Music Site's Owner Sentenced to Five Years in Prison
Researchers Test Tooth-Mounted Sensor-Enabled Chips
How Technology Caught the Austin Serial Bomber
A New Era For Linux's Low-level Graphics
Oracle Releases Java 10, Promises Much Faster Release Schedule
Tim Berners-Lee Urges Web Users: 'Care About Your Data'
Can We Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria With Non-Antibiotic Drugs?
William Shatner Criticizes Facebook Hoax Ad Announcing His Death
Dropbox IPOs. Its Founders Are Now Billionaires
Uber's Self-Driving Cars Were Struggling Before Arizona Crash
British Scientists Develop Wearable MRI Scanner
One Startup is Using Phone Calls and Other Inexpensive Means To Save TB Patients


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