Why design is too important to be left to designers
Watch Google unveil the next version of Android live right here
Younger consumers use two or more apps for streaming music, mobile messaging, says Nielsen
DriveShare will let you rent out your classic '57 Chevy
Intel promises a 40-percent speed boost with its 8th gen Core chips
Volkswagen's electric Microbus successor set to go on sale in 2022
Cloud driver profiles mean any Tesla could automatically become your Tesla
Indian online lending platform Capital Float raises $45M Series C
Watch the solar eclipse live right here!
Hackers nab $500,000 as Enigma is compromised weeks before its ICO
Online real estate agent eMoov picks up £9M backing
Auto giant Continental buys Singapore-based Quantum Inventions for $29M
HTC drops price of Vive by $200 as it looks to compete with Facebook's aggressive VR pricing
N26 now has 500,000 customers for its bank of the future
Microsoft's speech recognition system hits a new accuracy milestone
Beyond Amazon and Alibaba: what's next for e-commerce?
For its latest trick, watch this Tesla Model X smoke a Lamborghini supercar
Yesterday's "plastics" are today's crypto tokens
Microsoft kicks off Xbox One X pre-orders today with a limited ‘Project Scorpio' edition
Taxes in the gig economy


Why The US Solar Industry Doesn't Want Government Protection
Machines Learn a Biased View of Women
Driverless Cars Need Ears as Well as Eyes
Why You Can't Download All the Streaming Media You Want
Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Follow Live from Coast to Coast
Mercedes-Benz's $2.8 Million Project One Hypercar Gets Huge Power From a Tiny Engine
Tim Allen's Question About Apes Tops this Week's News Roundup
Cord-Cutting Still Doesn't Beat the Cable Bundle
Wow, 'Terminator 2' in 3-D Is a Bad Idea
Google Culture Should Stay Open
The Most Extreme Way to Watch the Eclipse? Chase It in a Jet
Heading Back to School? Download These Study Apps for Android and iOS
Would It Be Better If Men Couldn't Vote?
Charlottesville, HBO Hacks, and More Security News This Week
Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Power Electric Cars of the Future
Bang & Olufsen's Beosound Shape Speakers Create a Beautiful Wall of Sound
Trump Administration Elevates US Cyber Command
"Change is Good" Book Excerpt: WIRED Cofounder Louis Rossetto's New Novel Parties Like It's 1998
Space Photos of the Week: Neighboring Galaxies Got a Star Factory Going
Yes, Expose the Neo-Nazis. Then Recruit Them Back to Humanity
Microbes May Rig Their DNA to Speed Up Evolution
The Solar Eclipse Is Coming-Here's Exactly When It'll Happen
Gadget Lab Podcast: Essential Wants to Get Into Your Pocket-and Your Smart Home
Explore the Moon Using Augmented Reality
Does the Star Wars Franchise Really Need an Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie?
Guntherwerks Revamps Porsche 993s for Just $525,000
What a Solar Eclipse Taught Me About Love
Breaking Down the HBO Hacks: From Game of Thrones To a Twitter Takeover
This Lumbering Self-Driving Truck Is Designed to Get Hit
Flying Deloreans, the Electric Nikola Zero, and the Rest of This Week's Car News


How the Voyager Golden Record Was Made
Apple Looks For Exceptional Engineer With a Secret Job Posting
The Windows App Store is Full of Pirate Streaming Apps
Microsoft Speech Recognition Now As Accurate As Professional Transcribers
Elon Musk Backs Call For A Global Ban On Killer Robots
Plex Responds, Will Allow Users To Opt Out Of Data Collection
Ask Slashdot: How Can You Teach Programming To Schoolchildren?
Alleged Yahoo Hacker Will Be Extradited To The US
50,000 Users Test New Anti-Censorship Tool TapDance
Bug In Lowe's Site Sold Goods For Free. Couple Arrested For Exploiting It
FBI Accepts New Evidence in 46-Year-Old D.B. Cooper Case
Red Hat Gives Ceylon To The Eclipse Foundation
'Wing Commander' Music Composer Runs Kickstarter Campaign
Researchers Win $100,000 For New Spear-Phishing Detection Method
Jonathan Coulton's New Dystopian Album Becomes a Graphic Novel


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