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Vancouver Sun

Soldier shot and killed, one gunman dead on Parliament Hill as chaos grips Ottawa
Ottawa Parliament Hill attacker had Vancouver connection
How safe is B.C.? Experts say we're prepared for an attack, but authorities won't say just how well
Smyth: B.C. politicians were warned of attack, so why was Ottawa so surprised?
Editorial: Harper is not to blame for terrorist attack
Attack by 'terrorist' on Parliament Hill won't weaken Canada's resolve: Harper
Robertson and Lapointe finally go toe-to-toe in Vancouver mayoral debate
Steel-fisted Surrey enforcer who terrorized the streets of Whalley meets his bloody end
Blatchford: Nathan Cirillo killed performing most eternal, soldiery duty — Standing guard over one of his own
Kevin Vickers hailed as hero for springing into action against Parliament Hill shooter
Terror in Ottawa: Putting the tragedy into words
Maher: Time to reflect on the courage of our ancestors
Opinion: Attack on Ottawa reveals utter lack of readiness
‘There was only a wooden door between us and the shooter,' says NDP MP Linda Duncan from Ottawa
Minister's rejection of B.C. mine improper, Taseko lawyer tells Federal Court
Coyne: Micro-terrorism emerges as new threat in wake of Ottawa, Quebec attacks
‘Move Up Prince George' campaign pitches affordability, jobs
NPA's repeat robocalls irritate some Vancouver voters; party blames ‘technical glitches'
B.C.'s seniors advocate to survey elderly about their needs
Ikea and union strike a deal after 17 month dispute
Man seeks return of $90,000 he invested after amulets dealer threatened to put a curse on him
India's professional ‘weeping women' demand higher pay
Barinder Rasode announces plan to develop field hockey pitch in Surrey
Whistler chalet hits the market for $13.5 million
PM Harper cancels Malala Yousafzai citizenship ceremony in light of Ottawa shooting
Sweden vows to coax alleged Russian submarine to the surface ‘with armed force, if neccessary'
SkyTrain seeks outside help to fix problems
Smyth: Turns out the Liberals' LNG bonanza won't be as spectacular
Photos: We Day comes to Vancouver, with Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom
Shaken Surrey MP Jasbir Sandhu calling from scene of Parliament shooting

Miss 604

City of Vancouver Food Scraps Program
3 Halloween Walking Tours in Vancouver
VIFF 2014: That's a Wrap
SPARK Animation 2014: Win Tickets
BC Hydro Power Smart Candlelight Dinner
SS Sicamous in Penticton
Looking Down: Manhole Cover Art in Vancouver
Things to do in Vancouver This Weekend
Triple O's and KidSport Team Up for BC Kids
Vancouver Photos of the Week


B.C. MPs tell of frightening moments after shooter entered Parliament
B.C. MLAs were warned of possible security threat days before Ottawa attack
Canadian Forces in B.C. react to Ottawa attack
Canadians react to Ottawa shooting
Ottawa shooter's Vancouver connection
Ottawa shooter had criminal record in Quebec and B.C.
Ikea Richmond strike over after Vince Ready mediates deal
B.C. barge wreck search yields body of one of 2 missing men
Quadruplets born into Brown family of Victoria, B.C.
Windstorm knocks out power to 80,000 across Metro Vancouver
Urban theorist Richard Florida says Vancouver needs more density
"North of 60' actor's death recalled as ICBC launches fall safety campaign
Not enough aid workers willing to fight Ebola in Africa
Ebola outbreak: What you need to know
B.C. plane crash survivor talks with CBC's Andrew Chang about heroes who saved her

Georgia Straight

Kirk LaPointe and Gregor Robertson refuse to disclose campaign contributions before election
Vancouver police aiding in the investigation of alleged Ottawa gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau
NPA mayoral hopeful Kirk LaPointe outlines plans for marijuana dispensaries
Surrey residents continue to block the construction of a winter homeless shelter
Four-term New Westminster mayor Wayne Wright calls himself the underdog
Stamps Place social-housing tenants face an uncertain future
Report focuses on tax gap between residents and small business owners
Near-death experiences or near-bunk journalism?
Poisoning Vancouver rats creates collateral damage
Wired kids are symptom of bigger societal problem


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Reddit Vancouver

Upcoming: Vancouver City Mayor/Mayoral Candidate AMA
So Inside Vancouver published a photo I took a couple of weeks ago.
IKEA Richmond strike has finally been resolved
These yellow box things have been popping up in the Canada Line skytrain stations. Anyone know what they are?
Suspect in Ottawa shooting charged in Vancouver in 2011 robbery
Rank Vancouver grocery stores from most to least expensive
Two days in 10 seconds
'What About Ken?' Kickstarter project for documentary of Vancouver street artist Ken Foster.
Where is the Compass card? Them fare gates have been installed for a long time and still no Compass card launch. What's going on?!
Where in Garibaldi Lake was this picture taken?
Not really r/Vancouver, but thought this was a cool video of our province
Possible Hoax in light of current events? Vancouver police responding to a report of a male carrying an AR15 style rifle near 71st and Granville St. Area search underway.
Where can I found a geek t-shirts shop in Vancouver?
Weather Geeks of /r/vancouver, what are your data sources?
BC gov't wants us to pay 5% GST ON TOP OF 12% PST on a gifted vehicle from out of province?
This windstorm is nuts
Old editorial, but interesting perspective on how the taxi cartels control the cab market and how the city loses out on revenue.
Has anyone ever visited the Gravecouver Haunted House in Metrotown?
Vancouver at Night, taken from the Cypress Lookout
A hillbilly redneck in Nanaimo torched their car! Help needed!
Cyclists of Vancouver: Here is How to Get Yourself Seriously Hurt or Killed.
Need witnesses for car accident at Renfrew & Hastings, Tues Oct 21st at 10pm
What happened to our dear clock?
HELP: Will be staying in Vancouver for a whole week but no idea where I can park my car
Who are the hippest, finest, coolest hairstylists in Vancouver?
Looking for reputable fish shop/market that sells salmon and tuna that I can use to make sushi

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