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Globe and Mail

How retailers are spinning real estate assets into investing gold
Betting on luxury brands isn't as risky as you might think
Are fast-fashion retailers just a flash in the pan?
Will regulators let Staples swallow Office Depot?
Read the latest issue of Globe Investor magazine
Why this popular restaurant chain has the right recipe for profits keeps growing, but where are the profits?
The men's underwear index
Factory Theatre's rethink of Bombay Black elevates problematic text
In his directorial debut, Josh Mond captures mourning, in all its glory
White House on lockdown after fence-jumper caught: reports
Postmedia brass pocketed bonuses for Sun acquisition
Federal government settles B.C. wrongful conviction lawsuit with Ivan Henry
Regulating alternative medicine adds false legitimacy to anti-vaccine claims
Bryan Cranston keeps broadening his acting range in Trumbo
Review: What do these works of Francophone fiction reveal to the Anglophone reader? Thankfully, nothing cohesive
Leaders not pushing Trudeau to continue airstrikes, say advisers
A necessary question, after Paris: How can security be improved?
Pulled over for a traffic violation, I realized the power cops have over citizens
For shame: Two new books look at humiliation in the 21st century
If the Converse brand ain't broke, why fix it?
New videos raise questions in Chicago police shooting of black teen
Review: The Sympathizer's simultaneously cynical and ardent narration is hypnotic
Video: Stranded migrants lose hope on the border in Macedonia
UBC hotshot QB O'Connor set to face wily veteran Cousineau in Vanier Cup
New collections by Guy Vanderhaeghe and Heather O'Neill reside at opposite ends of the spectrum
New collections by Guy Vanderhaeghe and Heather O'Neill reside at opposite ends of the spectrum
Inside Quebec Inc.'s boardrooms: Who's connected – and who isn't
Employee change by province

CTV News

Ottawa pledges $100M in aid for refugees
No imminent threat after 'suspicious incident'
Ontario reconsiders day-old medical marijuana exemptions
Survey: 38 per cent struggled to pay household bills in past year
Derek Saretzky fit to stand trial for Alberta double murder: RCMP
Canadian Forces probing disappearance of sailor from Shearwater base
Seen in space: Supermassive black hole swallows star, ejects 'jet' of matter
Trump appears to mock reporter with disability in South Carolina speech
It's an import: Bottle of 1800's beer found in Halifax harbour
'Die, die!' Police responding to death threats find 'out-of-breath' man chasing spider

CBC Canada

Canada to pull fighter jets, but keep other military planes in ISIS fight
Parents of children killed in alleged impaired driving crash face Christmas without them
Change to preferential ballot would benefit Liberals: Éric Grenier
Meeting Buzz Aldrin out-of-this-world experience for Alberta boy
Ontario flip-flops on approval of medical marijuana use in public places
Streetcar shooting victim 'couldn't have cared less' that officer's gun was drawn
Albertan behind petition to stop NDP's farm safety bill says accidents are 'just part of life'
Accused in Alberta toddler and father's slayings deemed fit for trial, RCMP says
Serial squatter strikes again in Regina, stiffing another landlord
'It's something you never want to experience again,' says hunter attacked by grizzly
Worker killed at Goldcorp's Musselwhite mine in northern Ontario, work suspended
Ottawa tech worker develops powered wheelchair you can control with your phone
Ex-hostage says there may be Canadian al-Qaeda link
3 Canadian athletes upgraded on Pan Am Games podium
The high cost of the low-interest rate war on savers

Toronto Star

Ontario makes U-turn on day-old medical marijuana rule
Ontario budget deficit dips to $7.5 billion says Sousa
Forcillo tells court of ‘terror' of streetcar confrontation with Yatim
RCMP says ‘no imminent threat' from men seen near Rogers Centre
Mother tells court of alarming call from daycare operator
Union Pearson Express offers fare deal to attract riders
Justin Trudeau tells BBC he left Canadian detractors ‘in the dust'
Rachel Hannah awarded Pan Am Games bronze medal in marathon four months later
Miss World Canada contestant stopped from entering China for pageant
Trudeau's tax on rich may work where provinces failed, study says
Nunavut woman accuses U.K. fashion label of appropriating Inuit design
Liberals to phase out eco fees in Ontario
SUV with boy's specialty wheelchair inside is stolen, then torched

Batum, Jefferson lead Hornets past Trail Blazers

Reddit Canada

More than half of Canadians agree with Supreme Court ruling that bans prayer in public life
Our Canada post mail box has been frozen closed for 4 days. No one wants to come and fix it.
Ontarians still can't sip B.C. wine: provincial logjam taking toll on Canada's competitiveness, report says
WARNING - Bell's Smart Phone Care Premium Plan is a Total Rip-Off!!
Debt load has many Canadians ‘living on the edge,' with high housing prices largely to blame: report
Anastasia Lin, Miss World Canada was barred from entering China on Thursday November 26, 2015 to take part in this year's pageant in the southern island province of Hainan.
Laid-off Calgarians losing hope as prospects dwindle and money runs short
Trudeau talks to the BBC: PM says he's not against bombing mission; says his name had "very little" to do with election win
Alexander Keith's bottle nearly as old as Canada discovered in Halifax waters
Meet the people who say John Furlong abused them as children.
David Suzuki's comments equating oil industry to slavery are ‘ridiculous,' Brad Wall says
Competition Bureau calls on regulators to modernize taxi industry regulations - White paper recommends regulatory overhaul to enhance competition and choice, and lower prices for consumers
Pot stores sprout up in downtown Richmond Hill 3 hours ago | By Kim Zarzou
I was held hostage by Isis. They fear our unity more than our airstrikes | Nicolas Hénin (x-post r/world news)
Canadian Participation in F-35 Program Remains Murky; U.S. Hopes for Open Competition for CF-18 Replacement
Canada should join particle lab CERN, top physicists say
Gay viking walks out on bizarre human rights hearing brought by B.C. woman
Medical marijuana users get approval to vaporize anywhere in Ontario
TPP would let foreign investors bypass the Canadian public interest
Syrian refugee children who feel safe likely to do well, psychiatrist says
Ottawa researcher no longer advises students to become scientists "due to the dismal outlook"
The high cost of the low-interest rate war on savers
A most Canadian headline
Tips for a South African visiting Canada?
Why are we still allied with Saudi Arabia?

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