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Globe and Mail

Wield this decision-making tool for managing change successfully
Now Trending: An unhappy marriage is bad for your heart, study says
Video: ECB chief opens door to QE
Halifax jail staff will be disciplined for wrongly releasing prisoner, minister says
Video: VW shifts into investment overdrive
Providing safe haven for mental health emergencies
The Pull of the Moon is a thoroughly good collection of short stories
The ACB with Honora Lee is a simple and smart tale of learning the alphabet with grandma
At midday: TSX nears two-month high as China cuts interest rates
Superfab Saves the Day: A picture book about a superhero bunny
Video: Kaillie Humphries pilots mixed gender bobsled team
Five things to do this weekend: Nov. 21 to 23
Video: 89-year-old author Jacqueline Park on her one-time directing gig at the NFB
Dodgers acquire Joel Peralta from Rays as part of four player trade
Ten music events in Toronto this week: Nov. 21 to Nov. 27
Video: 89-year-old author Jacqueline Park remembers growing up in Depression-era Winnipeg
Manitoba Premier apologizes for misleading legislature over free NHL ticket
Video: Globe Now: #AskTheGlobe: What is the most eco-friendly coffee I can buy? A coffee expert weighs in
Do you know how many toxic chemicals are in your shampoo, your lipstick, your toothpaste?
Recipe: Easy Pad Thai
How chefs are taking this trendy Japanese pancake to the next level
Michael Chong on parliamentary reform: ‘Canadians are losing faith in their democratic institutions'
Brian Crowley on inherited institutions: ‘Canadians don't always understand what we have'
Danny Graham on citizen engagement: ‘I have tremendous faith in Joe Public'
Elizabeth May on our elected representatives: ‘We are a democracy only in theory'
Lili-Anna Peresa on making tough choices: ‘We want good news'
Angus Reid on challenges facing democracy: ‘We elect a prime minister who has almost dictatorial power'
Michel Venne on participation and power: ‘Decisions are made by a small group of privileged people'
Tamara Vrooman on economic democracy: ‘We're making decisions that are not inclusive'
Armine Yalnizyan on the state of democracy: ‘Business is the most powerful force in society right now'

Toronto Star

How ?aggressive and abusive tactics' by police put an innocent man through 2 murder trials
Queen's University pledges to do better on sexual assault
Maple Leafs say lack of salute not a shot at fans
Why Uber has a Canadian privacy problem
Retired judge quits G20 disciplinary hearing
TVO journalist Steve Paikin testifies at G20 disciplinary hearing for Toronto police officer
Snowbound Buffalo Bills get ready to hit the road
Donna Quan: TDSB bureaucrat at the centre of board's political storm
5 family members killed on ?dream trip' to Disney
Justin Trudeau's island of Liberal castaways: Delacourt
Taxpayers billed for guilty justices' legal fees
Buffalo Bills fans swamp Ohio crisis centre with calls after phone number mixup
Cosby performs at women's group benefit in Bahamas

CTV News

Crown meets with family of young Quebec boy killed by speeding cruiser
2nd man walks free after judge dismisses 1975 case: 'It's been a long odyssey'
Super wealthy getting richer in Canada
5 family members killed on 'dream trip' to Disney
As Buffalo snow ends, flooding risk rises
Black Friday sales change retail landscape in Canada
Can your fitness tracker be used against you in court?
100-year-old Tennessee woman visits ocean for first time
'Normal Barbie' goes on sale, complete with cellulite, acne and stretch marks
Toronto Maple Leafs snub fans by skipping traditional salute

CBC Canada

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Kershaw pitches Dodgers to second straight NL West title

Reddit Canada

The Unknown Soldier...
Hey Canada....... Much Respect. Please continue to be awesome
Pursuit in Quebec corruption probe led to crash that killed child: report (An update on yesterday's speeding cop that killed a child story)
Prison nation: What locking up more people is costing us
New Ontario auto insurance legislation restricts right to sue insurance companies for denying claims
A good article on Canada's failure to regulate the environmental impacts of oil
Canadian who volunteered to fight with Kurds against ISIS says it's the ‘right thing to do'
The Beer Store is a hard case for Ontario
‘Can't guarantee' no civilians were killed in anti-ISIS bombings, Canadian military says
Conservatives' silence on Sona sentencing adds to aura of disreputable politics
The very rich get very richer (very quickly) in Canada
Stranger's kind gesture to Edmonton student grabs attention on social media
'Walk down the center of the aisle' - Mulcair has known for a year about the allegations of harassment - Cartoon by Côté
Hill harassment allegations lead to frosty relations between NDP, Liberals - Politics
B.C. Group Blames Traffic Jams On Too Many Immigrants (VIDEO)
Edward Snowden is Announced Keynote Speaker At My School's World Affairs Conference.
The Hans Island dispute summed up
Climate change deniers Sign up in Anjou, Quebec.
A Nostalgic Look Back at Crosscountry Canada!
Nine months for not talking to cops
'This is going to be a war,' says Burnaby mayor as 26 pipeline protesters arrested
AMA Request: members of Canada's Public Service
Gender gouging: Women often pay more than men
The Harper government passed up conducting its own internal analysis on the job-creation potential of its $550-million small-business job credit, relying instead on numbers produced by an interest group, the finance minister revealed Wednesday.
$1.1B meant for veterans returned to federal treasury, critics say

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