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Globe and Mail

Calgary Flames' Brian Burke on Gay Pride and sexuality in sports
Roughriders reset season as second half kicks off with Labour Day Classic
Patrick Brown's win margin raises questions about Liberal tactics
The Syrian tragedy becomes a numbers game for party leaders
Saudi Arabia satisfied with Obama's assurances on Iran nuclear deal
Video: Globe producer faces her fear of flying with vomit-inducing air show flight
Historic Canadian resettlement of Vietnamese sets precedent for action
Patriots would raise Tom Brady banner at opener if suspension stood
Bauhaus: Sophisticated German cuisine worthy of a Michelin star
Lions QB Travis Lulay hoping to return from knee injury next week
Bouchard beats Cibulkova, advances to fourth round at U.S. Open
Atrocities in Syria: The whole world is watching – and doing nothing
Staff warned group not to publicize John Tory's support for refugee efforts
Outspoken J.C. Anderson was an oil patch original
Supreme Ontario appeals Justice Marc Rosenberg never sat on top court
There comes a time for barbershop succession planning
Cash crunch puts future of Alberta oil sands research agency at risk
Stampeders' Eric Rogers takes centre stage in annual Labour Day clash
Theatre Calgary embraces the grey areas with The Shoplifters
Former NHL stars finding another niche in wine-making world
Video: O'Leary: No one knows what a BlackBerry is any more
NDP pledges higher targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Three mistakes we keep repeating when it comes to refugees
Ten tips for getting the most out of the rest of summer in Toronto
Flash-crash circuit breakers may have to be tweaked for ETF era
B.C. asks for tougher regulations after drones hamper wildfire fight
Video: Back-to-school recipes: One steak, two meals (and they couldn't be easier)
Alberta's emissions
Criminal Justice Branch seeks high-risk designation for B.C. dad who killed kids
Iranian official says there are ways to free Washington Post journalist

CTV News

Migrants in Hungary allowed into Austria, Germany
Kurdi family wants human smugglers stopped
Fall, winter to feel 'tropical' compared to last year: Phillips
Party leaders offer contrasting visions of Canada's military role in Middle East
Officials confirm 3 cases of legionnaires' at Halifax seniors centre
Quebec woman, 20, charged in hit and run death of ex-boyfriend
'Onerous' refugee system already improving: Alexander
'I cannot go back': One refugee's long, unfinished journey to Europe
Smirnoff Ice issues recall; risk of glass fragments in bottles
BlackBerry to buy former rival Good Technology for US$425M

CBC Canada

Refugees face roadblocks to get to Canada
2 men drown near Cornwall, Ont., in human smuggling attempt, police allege
Poll Tracker: NDP's front-runner status at risk
Crown seeks 'high risk accused' status for Allan Schoenborn
Canada's residential school story to be taught in classrooms this fall
Ottawa backs off as First Nations ignore transparency law deadline
Dalhousie student who allegedly planned a massacre faces new charge
Parties clash over meaning of August jobs numbers for economic future
'How to sponsor a Syrian?' is Canada's top Google query on refugees
New restrictions on drones near wildfires sought by B.C.
Calgary byelection results show 'small-c' conservative sentiments
Would a doctor's prescription make you exercise more?
Where's Joe Oliver? Found him! In Turkey for G20 talks
Blue Jays look to continue hot streak against Orioles
No address, no vote: ex-head of Nova Scotia Liberals hits roadblock casting ballot

Toronto Star

Aunt of drowned Syrian boys says she hopes to bring brother Abdullah to Canada
Ottawa implored to take urgent action on refugees
No deal yet for elementary teachers after 4 days of talks
Climate concerns present growing obstacle to oilsands development
The hottest TIFF tickets in town: Our annual ‘Chasing the Buzz' poll
Migrants fleeing Hungary board buses after long march
Lost doll takes a ‘vacation' before finding her way home
Unions keep construction workers safer, study shows
Saving Syria's ocean of little Alan Kurdis: Analysis
Party leaders' response to Syrian refugee crisis reveals stark differences
Quadruplets get set to start university, together
5 iconic photos that changed history
Ebola survivor who lost 21 relatives suffers another heartbreak as baby dies
Alexis Tsipras's transformation from rebel to reliable ally

Titans sign former Bill, S Searcy

Reddit Canada

/r/Canada rule changes for the election season
Mulcair says Canadian Forces have no role whatsoever to play in Syria and Iraq
So true!
Quebec premier is willing to open the doors to thousands of Syrian refugees in the province.
Nova Scotia Willing To Accept More Refugees, No Reply From Ottawa: Deputy Premier
Vote Compass allows you to find out what party platform your interests most align with
Man arrested for wearing a t-shirt at Harper event
‘More about change': New Ipsos poll shows most voters ok with Mulcair, Trudeau minority, just not Harper
Canada added 12,000 jobs in August, unemployment rate rises to 7% from 6.8%
Canada's Prime Minister Refuses To Take Additional Refugees After Backlash Over Drowned Syrian Boy
Trudeau pledges $20-billion for transit over next 10 years
Local Conservative MP likens self to Terry Fox on Facebook Post
Sen. Pamela Wallin returns to work as senate suspension expires.
Milk sales continue to slide as diets, society shift away from dairy
Canadians who plan to vote for Harper, could you share why you think he's the best choice?
Léger: NDP 31% (-2), LPC 30% (+2), CPC 28% (+1)
Fair Elections Act prevents former N.S. party leader from casting vote - Nova Scotia
Canadian supreme court dismisses an attempt by Chevron to block Ecuadorian villagers from collecting billions in damages for rainforest pollution
Refugees reporting higher earnings in Canada than Millionaire 'investor' immigrants
Harper's solo act is wearing thin
FACTCHECK: Is Canada really #1 in the world for accepting refugees? (spoiler alert: not by a long shot)
Harper: Increased Warfare Will Solve Refugee Crisis
Nenshi lashes out at Chris Alexander on refugee crisis
Don't Call it a Technical Recession, I've Been There for Years | VICE | Canada
Immigration Minister Chris Alexander ‘flat-footed' on refugee crisis
The cheaters on Harper's watch: For three elections in a row, a judge determined that a Conservative or the party itself cheated. And there could be more.

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