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Google News

New Hampshire Primary: Live Updates
Obama unveils record $4.1 trillion election-year budget
Ten dead, 17 critically injured after head-on train crash in Bavaria, Germany
Clippers suspend Blake Griffin for four games
US officials: Russian airstrikes have changed 'calculus completely' in Syria
Restoring Voting Rights for Felons in Maryland
Jury Begins Deliberating In Manslaughter Trial Of NYPD Officer Peter Liang
Record number of shark attacks in 2015, though only 6 deaths
Would you like gator with that? Man charged with throwing reptile into Wendy's drive-through
Taiwan developer in custody after deadly quake fells building
Mardi Gras 2016: Zulu parades with brand new floats on Fat Tuesday
Prosecutor: 'Serial' questions don't make Adnan Syed innocent
Settlement reached in 'Happy Birthday' suit
Watch a Bystander Casually Trip a Suspect Fleeing the Police
Hong Kong New Year Celebration Peaceful in Wake of Bloody Riots
Gary Kubiak, John Elway lead Broncos to glory in familiar way
Pentagon seeks bigger budget for 2017
DMX Hospitalized in Stable Condition After Collapse
With Latos off to Chicago, Orioles potential pitching options shrink to Yovani Gallardo
Feds could investigate nightmare cruise as ship returns home after storm
'Star Wars' lends force to Disney's revenue
Philadelphia Eagles release wide receiver Riley Cooper
Indian Soldier Is Found Alive After Five Days Under 'Massive Ice Boulders' on Himalayan Glacier
Viacom Unveils Snapchat Ad Sales Deal as Earnings Drop, U.S. Ad Revenue Falls 4 Percent
Report: Car bomb in Syrian capital kills 10
Ghostface Killah Just Went Full Blast On 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli
Owner of NFL's Rams buying the Waggoner Ranch
Jimmy Butler to miss 3-4 weeks, All-Star Game with knee injury
The Latest: MSF Says 23000 Flee Aleppo
The Latest: Flint counsel says manslaughter charge possible

BBC World

German trains in deadly head-on crash
US warns over N Korea plutonium bomb
New Hampshire votes in key US primary
UN fears for fate of Aleppo civilians
Obama approves Africa electricity plan
Tennis umpires banned in fixing probe
Indian police 'to use slingshots'
Poles held in Sweden asylum centre plot
Zuma U-turn over home revamp money
Mexico students: Official story doubted
Google boss becomes highest-paid in US
Man 'hurls alligator' into restaurant
Town's beer fountain plan goes ahead
Flashes of light may stop jet lag
VIDEO: 'We're 70, we're not leaving Ukraine now'
VIDEO: Exploring India's 'dead' car auctions
VIDEO: What to expect from Year of Monkey
VIDEO: Behind the scenes of an air strike
VIDEO: Taiwan quake: The moment a survivor was found
VIDEO: Frozen 'car park' unexpectedly melts
VIDEO: Cartoon smartphone lessons for parents
VIDEO: London bus blown up for film stunt
Viewpoint: Are Donald Trump and his rivals a big joke?
Iranian youth get app to dodge morality police
Japan and the whale
Viewpoint: Will 2016 be a turning point for free speech in India?
Caves reveal Australia wasteland's secret past
'We are not criminals' Nigerians tell their president


Twitch chat controlled a mechanical-bull-styled couch while someone is playing Smash
Strap-on leg sleds
Cameras are so hard to use
Nice try, Comcast.
'Finding Dory' Poster
Io casts its shadow on Jupiter
North Korea has restarted plutonium reactor and could have stockpiles in weeks - US spy chief
When I unsubscribe from a newsletter and get an email confirming that I've been unsubscribed, it feels like they needed to be the one to say the last word in an argument.
TIL mongooses were introduced to Hawaii to control the invasive rat population. However, rats are nocturnal and mongooses are diurnal. Hawaii now has a problem with both.
My baby snake lighting up when the sun shines though him.
The world's largest solar plant goes live, projected to produce enough power to meet the needs of 1.1 million people by 2018.
I am Red 1, Team Leader of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows – AMA!
The mice have been plentiful for our barn cat this year
An island in Lake Mývatn, northern Iceland [1024×680] Photographed by Chris Zielecki
A Koala is sitting in a bar...
Sleep deprivation linked to false confession in new study. Legal experts are predicting it will be cited in future court cases. "It's a milestone," says Lawrence Sherman, head of the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge.
What is a word not conventionally used in daily life that you love to say?
Vaccinations are "an excellent investment" offering a return of up to $44 for every $1 spent, finds team at John Hopkins in study of 94 countries.
REMINDER: 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' returns this Sunday
LPT: after age 25, keep a box of wedding, baby, and sympathy cards with stamps on hand at all times.
A new edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald's fourth collection of short stories, Taps at Reveille, will present the tales as Fitzgerald intended them to be read, complete with sex, drugs and dirty words, instead of how the editors of The Saturday Evening Post thought their audience wanted them to be.
If you are not watching the Premier League, here is why you are missing out on the greatest underdog fairytale in the history of any professional sport.
My bed
ELI5: In a recent Nerdist interview, Josh Brolin blames the failure 'Jonax Hex' in part on revenge trading. What is revenge trading?

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