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Theresa May Set to Outline UK Withdrawal From European Market
Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 finally called off with mystery unsolved
Istanbul nightclub shooting suspect confesses, governor says
Colorado student, 18, among 5 killed in Mexico nightclub shooting
CIA director on Trump dossier: 'Was I a leaker of this? No.'
British American Tobacco Agrees to Take Control of Reynolds American in $49 Billion Deal
What we know about Pulse nightclub shooter's widow, Noor Salman
Obama greets champion Cubs: Sports bring us together
Trump Meets With Martin Luther King Jr.'s Eldest Son for Holiday
I played Nintendo's new game console, the Switch - this is what it's like
Money and power: Samsung embroiled in S. Korea scandal
Trump, Twitter and the Art of His Deal
Bruce Springsteen Cover Band Drops Out of Trump...
Bill Belichick has very Belichickian response to Tomlin cursing out the Patriots
Warriors rout Cavaliers in final regular season meeting, avenging Christmas loss
Did Lindsay Lohan convert to Islam?
Tajani Alliance Declared on European Parliament Election Day
As Trump Era Arrives, a Sense of Uncertainty Grips the World
For Trump, Three Decades of Chasing Deals in Russia
Huge gator spotted taking stroll in Florida reserve
In final days, Obama administration signs law enforcement pact with Cuba
GM plans to invest at least $1 billion in US factories, adding 1000 jobs
Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan, Last Man to Walk on the Moon, Dies at 82
Women's March on Washington: What you need to know
Samsung Galaxy S8: Device Measurements Leaked, Rumored To Launch On April 15
Dems prepare to face off with Trump's pick to lead EPA
Israel-Palestine Conflict: Raids On Al-Aqsa Mosque, Third-Holiest Site In Islam, Rose By 250% In 7 Years, Report Says
Clippers' Chris Paul sprains thumb, to have MRI after X-rays negative
Lavrov: Russia Invites Trump Officials to Syria Talks
Microsoft Surface Phone May Be a Foldable Smartphone, Tips Patent

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MH370: Families say search suspension for Malaysian plane 'irresponsible'
Istanbul Reina nightclub attack suspect 'trained in Afghanistan'
'Wrong Ivanka' from UK hits back after Trump tweet
German top court blocks ban on far right NPD
China probes 'fake seasoning producing hub' near Tianjin
Yemen conflict: At least 10,000 killed, says UN
Google Play and iOS apps demand surges in India and China
Gene Cernan, last man to walk on Moon, dies aged 82
Venezuela's new high value banknotes enter circulation
Australian conditions 'favourable' for mouse plague, scientists warn
Family rescued from Japan mountain
Kyrgyzstan plane crash: It crashed 'on top of the village'
Eyewitness describes Kyrgyzstan plane crash
Mexico nightclub attack: 'They said it was fireworks'
Giant alligator caught on film in Florida
John Lewis tells Americans on MLK day: 'You must never hate'
My Shop: Kristin Baybars' toy shop in London
Tunisia inquest shown police map of killer's spree
Taylor Swift's mansion in Los Angeles could be made a local historic landmark
Gandhi flip flops sold on Amazon cause anger in India
Sweden midwives offer training for car births
Samoa minister defends new rules on old cars
Russians mock 'Uber-like' funeral app
McDosa to go
German shivers
Fatal reaction
Green-eyed girl
Working dads
Home country


Some shower thoughts from the cookie monster.
China scraps construction of 85 planned coal power plants: Move comes as Chinese government says it will invest 2.5 trillion yuan into the renewable energy sector
Young Thug doesn't show up to a video shoot, the co-director improvises and makes this music video
Making mum proud
[I ate] Layered cheese fries w/bacon & chives
TIL Iceland is the only country without mosquitoes.
graffiti on a corner.
My chicken kinda loook like USA
How to Win at Life
Dear Spotify, coming from someone who is colorblind, please change your shuffle button
Young terminal cancer patient Becca tells us what to do: be kind to someone. Aims to create massive acts of kindness.
Incase you're having a bad day
Eugene Cernan, the last man on the moon, died today at the age of 82.
I secretly race my wife every time we are both putting pillows into pillowcases.
A decision was made here
Caffeine may counter age-related inflammation, possibly explaining why coffee drinkers tend to live longer than abstainers.
Zoo Workers of Reddit, which animal is the biggest jerk in your facility?
ELI5: Why are the worst positions for your joints/muscles the most comfortable?
'Love Letter', pen, 8.5x11
Yesterday I hiked through waist deep snow to get a sunset view over the fog. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA [OC][4000x6000]
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Becomes Top Grossing US 2016 Release With Over $500m
How come 'Nathan For You' isn't more popular? It's the most hilarious TV show ever.
TIFU by spraying Diet Pepsi all over strangers at the airport at 6am.
People shot at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park on MLK Day
Deaf Sex