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Google News

Two NYPD Officers Are Killed in Brooklyn Ambush; Suspect Commits Suicide
For some Cuban exiles, the old toast 'Next year in Cuba!' is suddenly more ...
North Korea calls for joint inquiry over Sony Pictures film
Ambush Attack: Two NYPD Officers Fatally Shot in Brooklyn
Pentagon returns four Guantanamo detainees to Afghanistan
Australian woman charged with murder of 8 children
Pakistan Moves to End Policy on 'Good Taliban'
Muhammad Ali hospitalized with pneumonia
Colin Kaepernick Runs 90 Yards for a Touchdown
Mall of America protest attracts thousands on busy shopping day
Chicago mayor's teenage son mugged near home
This 3-2 Blackhawks shootout loss was crazy
Madonna Releases Six New Songs From Upcoming 'Rebel Heart' Album
Rams struggle against Utah in bowl game rout
Kurdish Forces Press Sinjar Offensive Against IS Extremists
A 27-24 win over the Eagles likely means Jay Gruden, Robert Griffin III will be back
COLLEGE BASKETBALL: No. 1 Kentucky buries UCLA 83-42
Lance Bass Marries Michael Turchin in California
Alex Ovechkin's highlight-reel goal powers Capitals to 4-0 win over New Jersey
Islanders Stun Lightning With a Late Comeback
Charboneau: Lack of fire burns Michigan State
Ellis leads Mavericks over Spurs 99-93
Pa. couple charged in boy's death waives hearing
Bowl Bits: Air Force 38, Western Michigan 24 (Idaho Potato Bowl)
Craig Ferguson says good night as 'Late Late Show' host
Like the Rebel war like the Ebola war; the reflections of an eyewitness
Poll: Americans skeptical of commercial drones
India ready to review Decision Review System stance
WNET Under Fire for Pulling PBS Documentary Showcases

BBC World

Gunman kills two New York policemen
Mother charged with Cairns murders
US insists North Korea behind hack
Afghan Guantanamo inmates freed
Cuba 'will stay on' communist path
Xi defends 'one-China' idea in Macau
Russians 'will not cave in' to West
Pakistan forces 'kill five Taliban'
Four militants killed in Saudi raid
Liberia holds vote delayed by Ebola
'Allahu Akbar' attacker shot in France
VIDEO: FBI recover stolen artwork worth $12m
VIDEO: The dog with 3D printed legs
Plea by parents of Aurora accused
Michael Phelps admits drink-driving
Colombia Farc truce follows killings
Troops sent to Mexico vigilante town
Kenya leader signs tough security law
Nigeria court backs prisoners' vote
Cairns children's mother arrested
Stem cell scandal scientist resigns
Turkey issues warrant for Gulen
Belarus moves to protect currency
Israel launches Gaza air strike
Kurds 'break IS mountain siege'
Second arrest over off-duty PC death
Welby seeks gay marriage 'bridge'
Companies face 'bloodbath' in Russia
Apple 'deeply offended' by BBC story
Blackberry in revenue slide


5 years cancer free!!! Very long journey!
Occasionally the dog is the smartest one in my family.
Two NYPD officers in Brooklyn are in critical condition after being ambushed.
Replaying DOOM 3:BFG Edition, just noticed this when you first start.
I think he knows what his Xmas gift is.
dog.exe has stopped working
Anti-gay pastor Gaylard Williams arrested after squeezing man's genitals
TIL in 1961 a little girl wrote to President Kennedy concerned about the safety of Santa Claus amid Soviet nuclear testing at the North Pole. Kennedy wrote back that he had spoken to Santa and that he was fine.
CIA experimented on humans in black sites : Report | As the United States struggles with the fallout of the recently disclosed CIA torture report, a new analysis reveals that human experimentation was a "core feature" of the spy agency's torture program.
3D Printing a broom
What's your favorite thing you have in your 'SAVED' section on reddit?
5 year old discusses princess Leias Slave outfit with her dad.
Blackberry pie straight out of the oven. It came out better than I expected.
LPT: You can use old gift cards with low money on them as a credit card to get free trials for online sites such as Hulu and Netlflix.
A website that randomly generates alphabets, names, mottoes, laws, constellations, characters, and more for a story, RPG, or anything, really.
Full disk, true-color image of Earth taken by Himawari-8, the Japanese weather satellite launched on Oct. 7
Bought a Sharpie today that came without any ink
PsBattle: Wet cat with dry head
Study Links Drinking While Pregnant To Being At Kid Rock Concert | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
ESPN planning for success for the NDSU Bison and Sam Huston game
There is no meaning to life. [image]
Artwork inspired by the movies of Wes Anderson
My dad working in 1973. Soak it in, ladies.
ELI5: The millennial generation appears to be so much poorer than those of their parents. For most, ever owning a house seems unlikely, and even car ownership is much less common. What exactly happened to cause this?
As told to me by my 7 YO son this morning...

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