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Google News

Pence answers critics, potential 2016 candidates respond to Indiana law
Houthi rebels defy Saudi air raids to advance on Aden
Differences persist on deadline day for Iran nuke talks
Singapore charges teen for video attacking Lee, Christianity
Two Former Feds Accused of Stealing Around $1 Million in Silk Road Bust
Missing UC Berkeley student killed running across LA freeway
Borneo UK student killings: Local man convicted of murder
Prosecution rests its case against Boston Marathon bomber
Heavy rains trigger flood fears in Kashmir; 17 dead
Violence wanes in Chicago, but fear looms over mayor's race
Top musicians team with Jay Z on Tidal music streaming service
The Roast of Justin Bieber: Will Being Mocked By Martha Stewart Save Bieber's ...
IBM to invest $3 billion in 'Internet of Things' unit
Community Easter Egg Hunt Saturday
US pharmacists group asks members not to provide execution drugs
McDonald's will start testing all-day breakfast next month
Autofill error leads to disclosure of world leaders' personal data (+video)
Muhammadu Buhari elected the new Nigerian President
Brown leads Terps back to Final Four
Next Up for Disney: A Live-Action 'Mulan' Film
Utah Jazz blast Minnesota on the road, 104-84
UConn slows its roll into Final Four
Celtics push to the playoffs
ISIS mission: MPs pass motion to support extension
Speck: Court Vision: Grizzlies tear through Kings to get back on track
DWTS: Charlotte McKinney Says Her Dyslexia Made It Hard to Learn the Steps
Wayne Ellington missed his late father while helping Lakers beat 76ers
Gmail for Android Gets a Unified Inbox for Multiple Email IDs
What you can do about a low sperm count
Zayn Malik, fiancee Perrie Edwards go house hunting?

BBC World

Buhari 'ahead' in tight Nigeria poll
Iran nuclear talks enter final day
Indiana law 'grossly misconstrued'
One dead after shooting at NSA
Mexico anger over crocodile shooting
Indian monsoon's past analysed
Alps co-pilot 'had suicide treatment'
Red Cross aid worker killed in Mali
Singapore charges Lee criticism teen
Uganda al-Shabab prosecutor killed
Dozens dead near Yemen refugee camp
Jay Z promotes music streaming brand
African comedian replaces Jon Stewart
Wrong anthem angers El Salvador fans
Silk Road agents charged with theft
Boston bombing prosecution rests
Death toll from Chile floods rises
Brazil ex-leader joins Lopez defence
UN to investigate ex-chief's death
South Africa campus statue boarded up
Borneo man guilty of Britons' murder
Six killed in Kashmir landslide
French elections see swing to right
MH17 appeal for Buk missile witnesses
Israel ex-PM guilty of corruption
Arab League to create military force
Parties focus on economy and health
E-cigarette use 'high among teens'
Asia will drive growth, says Diageo
Macquarie 'to cut nearly 100 jobs'


This bunny has amazing eyebrows
Toddler was asked to feed the cat
One model, twelve artists
So deep, I can't even see anymore
Some people are just born fabulous.
Ginny Weasley all grown up.
My neighbor's friend has penetrated the soap industry
New Star Wars Trailer Will Play in Front of Avengers: Age of Ultron
Eating pesticide-laden foods is linked to remarkably low sperm count (49% lower), say Harvard scientists in a landmark new study connecting pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables to reproductive health.
TIL Out of the 403 episodes of "The Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross, 91% of them contain at least one happy tree and 2% of them contain bridges.
Wilco cancels Indianapolis show after signing of Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
A thousand-year-old treatment for eye infections, made with onion, garlic and part of a cow's stomach, is gaining attention after research at the University of Nottingham. Scientists were 'astonished' to find it almost completely wiped out staphylococcus aureus, otherwise known as MRSA.
TIFU by not listening to reddit
Being old means referring to 3AM as 'really early' instead of 'really late'.
[Image]Clear your mind of 'CAN'T'.
Five of the six officers face life sentences for their participation in what authorities say is a corrupt organization whose members dangled a drug dealer from an 18th story balcony to get him to divulge the password to his computer
Aziz Ansari cites Reddit as one of his research sources for his new book, Modern Romance
[Serious] Bullies of reddit whose victims committed suicide, how did it affect you?
Succulent cupcakes
4, 6, 8 and 9 have all been killed.
Oregon Coast, looking down on Cannon Beach [OC] [2,937 × 1,994]
New Bro Science Video: How to Deadlift
LPT: Before you point out a problem, first think of a realistic solution to suggest.
PsBattle: The supreme leader enjoying a beer at the Hong Kong Rugby 7's
On a random idea, I decided to make a sofa from scratch

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