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Politics|Hillary Clinton's Campaign Rebuffs Report's Criticism of Email Use
Donald Trump has a woman problem -- 3 of them
Donald Trump keeps attacking fellow Republicans
Eleven states sue Obama administration over bathroom guidance for transgender students
One dead, 3 hurt during T.I. concert shooting at Irving Plaza
Japan urges G-7 to urgently tackle global economic risks
Gov't report: Feds spend billions to run ancient technology
Amber Heard 'Got Cold Feet' Before Marriage to Johnny Depp at Their Engagement Party: Source
It's not just Hiroshima: The many other things America hasn't apologized for
Peter Thiel, Tech Billionaire, Reveals Secret War With Gawker
Was American Sniper Chris Kyle Lying About His Impressive Military Achievements?!
After years of heartbreak, San Jose Sharks finally get long-awaited trip to Stanley Cup finals
Missing MH370: Debris in Mozambique, Mauritius to Be Analyzed
Casey Anthony's lawyer admits she killed daughter Caylee, investigator says
New Taliban leader vows: No peace talks; 'terror on enemies' will continue
Belgium charges 4 suspected ISIS recruiters who may have plotted attacks
What Are The Mysterious Neanderthal Cave Rings?
Modi Still Popular After Two Years, Though India Jobs a Concern
Watch NASA Inflate a New Room for the ISS Live
171 survive in National Spelling Bee, but only 45 advance
India's Top Court Allows Italian Marine to Return Home
Terry McAuliffe Lied About Meeting Chinese Donor
Indonesia Approves Castration for Sex Offenders Who Prey on Children
Why Amazon's Echo is better to talk to than Siri
Your Self-Driving Car is Waiting ... Sooner Than You Think
Google Nexus 9 Production Reportedly Stops, But Limited Stocks With $100 Off Available On eBay
For Zika-infected pregnancies, microcephaly risk may be as high as 13 percent
China reportedly will send nuclear-armed submarines to patrol Pacific
Oil at $50: Where Are Crude Prices Headed Next?
'Nashville' Series Finale Ends on a Huge Cliffhanger

BBC World

French nuclear workers to join strike
Oil hits $50 for first time this year
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to divorce
Leaders visit shrine at start of Japan G7
Indonesia approves death for child rape
US nuclear force 'uses floppy disks'
Deadly shooting at NYC concert hall
Debris 'of interest' in MH370 search
US states oppose transgender edict
Tearful Indigenous MP quits Senate
Clashes in Bolivia disabled protest
S Carolina bans abortion after 20 weeks
Xiaomi Mi Drone poses price challenge
US uses wasps to kill tree-eating bugs
VIDEO: Camper has close encounter with lions
VIDEO: Atomic bomb survivor honours US POWs
VIDEO: Obama beatboxes for Vietnamese rapper
VIDEO: Warm welcome for Ukraine's Savchenko
VIDEO: The scourge of opium in Afghanistan
VIDEO: Germany's push to integrate migrants
VIDEO: Growing discontent in Venezuela
VIDEO: Who is the new Taliban leader?
Russian girl's suicide prompts national debate
Sunny Leone: from porn star to author
The search for Ethiopia's abducted children
Is populism a threat to Europe's economies?
Does Norfolk 'mutiny' disguise bounty of privilege?
Taliban instability could fuel opium trade


Picked my dog up from surgery today. She's a little high still.
TIL An Elephant, Kosik, can speak 5 words in Korean, 'sit, no, yes and lie down.' He creates the words by putting his trunk in his mouth and vibrating it. He is the only elephant scientifically proven to speak human words.
.30 mm drill bit.
Offended yet?
The subtle difference between Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood
Putting quotes from Catcher in the Rye with pictures of Louis CK works way to well.
My girlfriend and I are working on introducing the kitten to the cat.
What is the most bizarre thing you've caught yourself doing after your brain's autopilot misfired?
I went to see Black Canyon Of the Gunnison in Colorado at night and it was amazing! [3200x2133][OC]
Laughing is so fucking weird. You just stare at the other person with your mouth wide open making ridiculous sounds and sometimes you can't stop.
Subreddit Policy Reminder on Transgender Topics
Kanye loves Kanye, coloured pencil, 46x62cm
Man attacked for taking 5-year-old daughter inside men's restroom at Walmart in Utah
Kiddie playhouse turned into kitty playhouse.
If there's a bee in my hand, what's in my eye?
LPT: Graduating seniors, backup your student email account data.
Switzerland: Muslim students must shake teacher's hand
My Grandmother in the 1930's in the deep south
Methane clouds on Titan.
The police in Indonesia are known for their corruption. But one officer has become a national hero for choosing to make money by collecting trash rather than accepting bribes. 'I know, there are those who mock me. In that case I'd say to them, 'I can be like you (corrupt), but can you be like me?'
My grandmother had 33 abortions
[Onion article] Leaked Documents Reveal Studio Executives Knew About ‘Gods Of Egypt' Before It Released Onto Public
My English scones with fresh cream and strawberries

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