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Clinton, Trump clash in first debate: CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims
How Twitter Could Change Under the Umbrellas of Disney, Salesforce, or Google
Michael Fallon: UK will oppose plans for EU army
Dresden Blasts: Mosque, Conference Center Attacked in German City
Samsung says only 60 percent of Galaxy Note 7 phones have been replaced in US and Korea
After Amber Alert, Mom charged with murder of her 2 children - WISH
Iraq: Suicide attack in Baghdad kills at least 7 civilians
Palantir charged with discriminating against Asians
Giancarlo Stanton a uniting force for Marlins: 'We're here for Jose'
Freeman, Coleman lift Falcons past Saints, 45-32
Police escort Jill Stein away from the presidential debate site
EpiPen hearing comes up empty
Houston Gunman With Nazi Emblem Injures 9 Before Being Killed by Police
China August industrial profits rise nearly 20%, fastest in 3 years
Eddie Alvarez defends lightweight belt vs. Conor McGregor at UFC 205 in New York
Elon Musk Expected to Detail SpaceX's Mars Ambitions
Windows 10 will soon run Edge in a virtual machine to keep you safe
Tens of Thousands March Against Same-Sex Marriage in Mexico
Tom Hanks Orders Clam 'Chowdah' and Leaves Generous Tip at Boston Restaurant
A Health Benefit of Roller Coasters
NASA finds more evidence of water plumes on Europa
Thousands of Saudi Women Are Calling for the End of Male Guardianship
Typhoon Megi pounds Taiwan; third severe storm in 2 weeks
Is Morning Sickness a Good Thing? - Glens Falls Post
Politics|Pentagon Chief, an Expert on Nukes, Says Little About Them
What Is The Song From The 'Luke Cage' Trailer? Hip Hop Will Play An Important Part In The Series
Iran releases Canadian-Iranian professor held since June
Can new Snapchat Spectacles avoid Google Glass pitfalls?
Violent Crime Is Up, but Donald Trump Is Still Wrong
Rob Kardashian Apparently Tweeted Kylie Jenner's Phone Number

BBC World

Presidential election debate: Trump and Clinton clash
Colombia peace deal: Historic agreement is signed
Washington state mall shooting: Suspect 'admits' gun attack
Lasantha Wickrematunge: Murdered editor's body exhumed in Sri Lanka
US hits Chinese firm with sanctions over North Korea ties
Syria conflict: Obama 'deeply concerned' about Aleppo
Australia shelves backpacker tax plan
'Godfather of gore' Herschell Gordon Lewis dies aged 87
Tributes for US golf legend Arnold Palmer, who died aged 87
Ahmadinejad 'advised not to seek re-election in Iran'
Houston gunman who injured nine in mall attack was 'disgruntled lawyer'
Petrobras scandal: Brazil ex-Minister Antonio Palocci arrested
'German James Bond' Werner Mauss on trial for tax evasion
Key moments from the US presidential debate
Clinton: 'There is something he is hiding'
What did black voters make of US presidential debate?
Nafta : 'Single worse deal ever approved'
William and Kate visit rainforest on Canada tour
Meet the cat man of Aleppo
Houston shooter: 'Lawyer' gunman dead after opening fire at mall
Japanese ad showing girl turning into an eel gets pulled
Australian police urge mooning enthusiasts to 'keep pants on'
China city blocks sale of tiny 'pigeon nest' homes
Graffiti artist brightens up Finnish prison
Singer sorry for Tatarstan mosque belly dance
Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi: The vandal of Timbuktu
Disposable women
Dreams and disasters
'People are dying'
Cheek by jowl


Zach Galifianakis Won't Have Trump On 'Between Two Ferns': 'I wouldn't have somebody on that's so mentally challenged. I feel like I'd be taking advantage of him. And you can print that."
PsBattle: Sad Sanders
I had a hard time paying attention to the debate
As a tribute to the passing of Jose Fernandez, teammate Dee Gordon takes a pitch from the other side of the plate. Two pitches later, he hits his first home run of the year.
This is how they sell music in the streets of México.
Vine Snake
Chief Wiggum was ahead of his time.
US slaps sanctions on Chinese firm over North Korea ties
I've recently discovered my love for the Witcher series. Had to take a break from gaming to paint the witcher medallion. Hope you like it!
Experts suggest 9 weed strains to get you through a presidential debate
Mercury found to be tectonically active, joining the Earth as the only other geologically active planet in the Solar System
US Presidential Debate [Megathread]
This urinal allows you to flush with your feet
Instead of debates, we should give candidates three impromptu essay questions they have to answer in three hours in 1,000 words or less, and they have to write it, immediately and live on web cam, with no help from their interns.
ELI5:How is China devaluing their currency, and what impact will it have?
NASA has identified special regions on Mars where humans should never go, or we risk destroying our chances of finding indigenous Martian life.
TIL Arnold Schwarzenegger's parents thought he was gay because his bedroom walls were covered with posters of men.
My dad and his pet monkey. Circa. 1966, Guinea.
Marvel Has Already Filmed the Next Four Stan Lee Cameos.
Dispatch - The General [folk rock]
LPT: Whenever someone recommends you a place to check out, star it on Google Maps. Next time you're in that city/state, you'll have a bunch of stars to visit.
Ex-Wells Fargo Employees Sue for $2.6 Billion, Allege They Were Punished For Not Breaking Law
50 Cent's awful 1st pitch given a historical perspective (Baseball)
My Aunt claimed that as a little girl, a woman with long, stringy black hair would visit her window at night and scratch on the glass. She maintains that it's true til this day. Here's a rendition of that story.

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