On the fridge at my doggy daycare. Gets me every time
My most realistic oil painting
Met the girl of my dreams today, returned twice, I'm giving her a forever home.
Dragon Priest Mask hand crafted out of stone!
Novak Djokovic Becomes First Tennis Player in History to Win All Four Slams and All Nine Masters
Smoke so bad in Washington State that it's hiding mountains
MRW I check my blind spot before switching lanes and somebody is actually there
Sexually fantasizing about one's partner inhibits relationship-damaging behaviors, suggests a new study.
'The tall ones'
You ain't grading a college paper
Without the Arabs we wouldn't have 9/11.
True though
Is this legal?
I was lucky to visit Convict Lake, at the Eastern Sierras, California on a windless morning like this, to capture an almost perfect reflection [OC] [7316 x 6851]
Seattle's air quality ‘worse the Beijing' as wildfires scorch eastern Washington.
WCGW with being a cocky, fake Connor McGregor.
This hiding spot for my scooter!
Old western duals were at high noon so neither person would have the sun in their eyes.
It All
I love the internet
Found a wallet a couple of weeks ago inside of a car that I was renting. The wallet had credit cards and quite a bit of cash inside. The gentleman who it belonged to happen to be celebrating his birthday that same day. I was able to mail him his wallet. A few weeks later I receive this.
Wholesome space men
Leaf art
I declare these Fry Cook Games open!
Dumbass kid

Google News

Cohen, Trump's Ex-Lawyer, Investigated for Bank Fraud in Excess of $20 Million
Giuliani Says 'Truth Isn't Truth' in Defense of Trump's Legal Strategy
Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made Deal With Her Own Accuser
Airline passenger convicted of sexually abusing a woman on a plane
Doctor who raped heavily sedated patient gets no prison time
''Wasted our lives': Catholic sex abuse scandals again prompt a crisis of faith
Trade war puts new strains on America Inc's factories in China
Avenatti, mulling WH run, tells anti-Trump Dems in New Hampshire to 'fight fire with fire'
Mass. man dies after several swimmers rescued off NH beach
'This Story Transcends Race': Kevin Kwan on the Appeal of 'Crazy Rich Asians'
A woman says she fell off a cruise ship and spent 10 hours in the Adriatic Sea before she was rescued
Rough seas to pound Hawaii as Major Hurricane Lane nears this week
Glacier National Park fire threatens Going-to-the-Sun Road
More than 120 march to protest death of 15-year-old authorities say committed suicide after chase
ICE says man taken while rushing pregnant wife to hospital is wanted for murder in Mexico
The Latest: Wickens hospitalized after IndyCar crash
North and South Korean families to attend emotional reunions
Brennan says he's willing to take Trump to court over security clearances
Maduro has a plan to fix Venezuela's inflation - which may make things worse
As Taliban Start Charm Offensive, Afghan President Calls for Cease-Fire
US Rebuffs Effort to Tether Bank Fine to Pastor's Release
Shocking video shows thieves attempting to steal $75K from woman before running her over
Sightings, satellites help track mysterious ocean giant
'Bob, Are You Stupid?': Judge Jeanine Rips Mueller for Lack of Investigation Into Bruce Ohr
Shark attacks teen surfing in NC, biting him - twice - fire chief says
Tesla Slashes Spending, and May Add to Its Troubles
Kentucky parents charged with locking son, 4, in room with urine and feces
Junkyard Fire Leads to Big Delays for Amtrak in Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey
After #MeToo, Kevin Spacey movie 'Billionaire Boys Club' earns $126 on opening day
Marine vet's promotion to sergeant officially recognized 73 years after sinking of USS Indianapolis

BBC World

Greece emerges from eurozone bailout programme
Kerala floods: Relief teams rescue 22,000 as rains ease
North and South Korean families to attend emotional reunions
Venezuela crisis: Brazil deploys troops after migrant attacks
Italy bridge collapse: Genoa death toll rises to 43
Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani: Truth isn't truth
Coptic monks charged with bishop's murder in Egypt
Serie A: Lazio fans call for women to be banned from 'sacred place'
China arrests over Tang Dynasty relic thefts
EgyptAir hijack: Cyprus extradites suspect Seif al-Din Mustafa
New Zealand politician cycles to hospital to give birth
Lombok earthquake: Strong tremors shake Indonesian island
Mueller inquiry: White House lawyer McGahn co-operating with probe
What Americans get wrong about 911
'Underwater, I'm a normal person'
The woman who created 'Tinder for lonely mums'
Kerala floods: Children winched to safety as rescue efforts step up
The man who keeps suing Hong Kong
One ice cream puppy, please
Newborn rescued from drain in India
Sixteen nurses get pregnant at Arizona hospital ICU
Ancient Egypt: Cheese discovered in 3,200-year-old tomb
South Korean capital gets 'first deaf taxi drivers'
Hong Kong 'cardboard granny' has case overturned
Waiting list for avocado trees amid NZ crime wave
Deadly hostage drama where media crossed a line
Soup kitchens and start-ups: Greek bailout era ends
Colombia's improbable reef offers hope for coral worldwide
Obituary: Bui Tin, the Vietnamese reporter scrubbed from the history books
'We are real': Saudi feminists launch online radio

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