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The Latest: Trump's Pennsylvania lead shrinks
Trump Turns to Schwarzman, Dimon for White House Panel on Jobs
US economy added 178000 jobs in November; unemployment rate dropped to 4.6 percent
Closer look at the man advising Trump on Cuba policy
5 Fact Checks From Trump's Cincinnati 'Thank-You Tour' Kickoff
One person pulled out alive, one trapped after South Dakota building collapse
Jury In SC Police Shooting Trial Says It Is Struggling To Reach Verdict
James Mattis, Outspoken Retired Marine, Is Trump's Choice as Defense Secretary
Suspect in shooting death of Joe McKnight released as investigation continues
The FCC thinks AT&T's policies 'harm consumers' - and it's warning Verizon, too
Trump Unveils High-Powered and Well-Heeled Business Council, and Invites Filipino Strongman to White House
Voices from Standing Rock
Tiger Woods Fires Bogey-Free Seven-Under 65 in Round 2 of Hero
Review: The Rolling Stones Reinvigorate the Blues on 'Blue and Lonesome'
Whistle-Blowing AIDS Doctor Reflects on Roots of Epidemic in China
Pro-EU candidate wins 'Brexit by-election' in London
Sherri Papini: Inside the California Mom's Mysterious Disappearance and the Search for Her Alleged Abductors
Trump inherits Obama boom
Hostages safe in Paris armed robbery, thief on the run
Politics|US Health Spending in 2015 Averaged Nearly $10000 Per Person
Trump threatens 'consequences' for US firms that relocate offshore
Renzi makes final appeal to Italians ahead of referendum
European Counterterrorism Officials Warn Of Fresh Wave Of ISIS Attacks As Fighters Return Home
Amy Schumer in Talks to Star in Sony's Live-Action 'Barbie' Movie
J. Cole Calls Out Kanye West & Probably Drake & Maybe Wale On New Song False Prophets!
Gambians celebrate after voting out 'billion year' leader
Tennessee wildfire deaths climb to 13
Luke Bryan punches heckler during concert
Rosberg retirement: Nico has the last laugh
General Tso's Chicken creator, Chef Peng Chang-Kuei, is dead

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Gambia's Adama Barrow says shock win heralds 'new hope'
Trump supporters challenge recount bid in Rust Belt states
Chapecoense plane crash: Survivor 'may play football again'
IS group to step up attacks on Europe - Europol
UAE hosts global push to save antiquities from conflict
Iceland election: Pirate Party asked to try to form government
Nazi gate stolen from Dachau 'found in Norway'
Sympathy for Ohio campus attacker's 'pain' triggers fury
Trump names Gen James 'Mad Dog' Mattis as defence secretary
Libya: Rival militias in deadly clashes in Tripoli
F1 world champion Rosberg retires
Duran Duran 'shocked' after losing legal copyright battle
Italy's referendum: The scooter rider's guide
Taking the temperature at Trump's 'thank you' tour
Alligator snapping turtle's great escape
Gun-wielding student at Utah school disarmed by his mum
Hunter Mitchell raised thousands of dollars to save Osita the rhino.
Queen's holiday season job
The Gambia election: 'I never knew freedom until today'
Beaver rifles through Christmas decorations at a dollar store in America
Japanese man sends rubbish to revenge school 'bullies'
Russian Revolution given social network treatment
South Korea political crisis causes cinema slump
German Catholic charity launches 'No Santa' initiative
The fog catcher
Deaths in the dorm
Scandal at the top
Stepping aside
One year later


Baywatch: Russia
Hey /r/gaming I'm Dylan and I'm 14 years old and I want to know is NHL 17 a good game to buy for the Playstation 4?
Snow is curling off this roof
Venezuela's currency value depends largely on one guy at an Alabama Home Depot
The Neighbors Decorated their Lawn Penis Again.
My dad just joined my mom in Heaven. Here they are in Cuba, circa 1953
[Homemade] Cookie Geodes (orange-vanilla cookies, orange popsicle icing and crystals)
Space shuttle challenger slowly makes its way through the fog to the launch pad, Nov 30 1982
TIL, Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of such Nintendo games as Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda, has a hobby of guessing the measurements of objects, then checking to see if he was correct. He enjoys the hobby so much he carries a tape measure with him everywhere.
Getting offended when someone says 'Merry Christmas', 'Happy Holidays', etc. is like getting offended by someone saying 'Good morning' because you're not a morning person.
A Brief Season of Mirth
Hot Potato without the potato
Inventor of General Tso's Chicken dies in Taipei at age 98
Every night while my husband is playing video games
Stephen Hawking: Automation and AI is going to decimate middle class jobs
Amazon Introduces Tougher Rules to Fight Fake Reviews
People wear their gas masks at a wedding, Moscow 1930's.
Carl Sagan explains the 4th dimension in terms I actually comprehend.
Spain is getting rid of streets named after fascist leaders, dedicating them to women instead
What is one thing you won't try no matter how great people on Reddit say it is?
Parents took out student loans in my name and spent it on a car/vacations, now they can't pay it back.
There's a lot more to New York than the city. High Peaks, Adirondack Park, NY. [OC][3000x2000]
Von Miller gives entire AFC West a bottle of wine in honor and appreciation of playing them twice a year.
In the 1970s the CIA created a spy drone the size of a dragonfly
Jon Favreau Confirms He Will Direct THE JUNGLE BOOK 2 And THE LION KING Back-To-Back