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Google News

The Latest: Russia Supports Closing of Turkish=Syria Border
France remembers Paris terror victims after Hollande beats war drums
Man charged in slaying of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, warrant issued for second ...
How Donald Trump courted the right-wing fringe to conquer the GOP
Man Who May Have Sold Guns to Paris Attackers Arrested in Germany
Black Friday's 'first responders' lured by tech, toy deals
Poland won't extradite Roman Polanski to the US
Boston police say no Jahlil Okafor investigation planned at this point
The Latest: Pope Francis calls Africa 'continent of hope'
Disgraced ex-cop charged with staging a fake police shootout has been found dead
'Black Friday' protest of police shooting planned in downtown Chicago
Israel 'Soon' to Open Abu Dhabi Office for Renewable Energy
Lockdown at White House over jumper
Debris from failed SpaceX launch found 4000 miles away off British isle
Clinton wins union endorsements but still struggles to win over hearts
Paris attacks drive home harsh realities of extremism for US police and ...
National news: Man attacks parents over fast food slight
Driver missing, deputy rescued as storm pounds Texas
This is what citizens say is needed to end Mali's insecurity
Obama hails Spielberg's 'boundless imagination'
Disney stock slammed as ESPN loses subscribers
White House reins in expectations for Paris
Pirates attack Polish ship off Nigerian coast, kidnap five
'I'm going to kill you, you're dead, die die'
Migrant crisis: Six children drown as boats sink off Turkey
British Child-sex Abuse Inquiry to Probe VIP, Political Allegations
L. TODD WOOD: China organizes for war
14 fabulous, easy recipes for Thanksgiving dinner leftovers
13 Tips For Selecting, Caring For Christmas Tree
Israel Security Chiefs Worry That Palestinian Authority Could Collapse

BBC World

Turkey-Russia war of words over jet
Suicide attack hits Nigeria Shia march
France holds memorial for Paris victims
Pope urges Kenyans to end tribalism
Children die as boats sink off Turkey
'Decaying bodies' found off Japan coast
Black Friday spending moves online
'Li-fi 100 times faster than wi-fi'
Boys arrested for gang-raping classmate
Nepal schoolchildren protest at blockade
Arrest over killing of Chicago boy
Trump denies mocking disabled reporter
Row over Adam Lambert Singapore concert
'Dangerous' lakes in Everest glacier
VIDEO: Key moments from Paris attack memorial
VIDEO: Paris after attacks: 'I'm pessimistic'
VIDEO: Russians tell Turks: we're abandoning your beaches
VIDEO: The women denied rights to own land
VIDEO: 'Education is our gap in Angola'
VIDEO: Why was Miss World banned from flight?
VIDEO: Cabbie discovers beauty on the backseat
VIDEO: Restoring the roof of Rome's Colosseum
Is bashing Belgium over Paris attacks justified?
Why don't women become truckers?
The youths out to save Hong Kong's unique opera
Born in the USA but choosing Ghana
The truth about Facebook quizzes
Zambian businesses hit by power cuts


The best way to reload
Swedish court: 'We cannot ban Pirate Bay': After deliberating for almost a month on the closely-watched case, the District Court of Stockholm ruled that copyright holders could not make Swedish ISP Bredbandsbolaget block Pirate Bay.
World Map on the Edge of a Lake.
The single greatest moment of my life captured in five seconds.
Good Night Sweet Prince
TIL when three people tried to sell Coca Cola secrets (including a sample new product) to Pepsi in 2006, Pepsi informed Coke and the FBI. Later arrests were made in a sting operation.
Oh my god! Are you sure this is for me?
Post surgery knee tape... designed to reduce swelling.
First Shots Of Jim Carrey thriller 'True Crimes'
IamA 90 year old coal miner and WW2 and Korean War Navy veteran who was at Okinawa and participated in the Bikina Atoll nuclear testing AMA!
Family earning over $1 million living in NYC public housing | PIX11 Investigates has found over 1,500 households earning six-figure salaries while living in New York City Housing Authority apartments.
I shot over 9000 photos to make this time-lapse drawing. Wanted to share with you guys.
What product/Company is currently in its Death throes and will fade away in time?
My grandparents wearing each other's clothes. (1943)
PsBattle: Arsonist Dog
'Green 19, Green 19, OH FUCK'
Gullfoss in the Winter (OC) [2288 x 1920]
Nutella rejects personalised jar for five-year-old girl named Isis
Eli5: Why is Prince Philip of England a prince and not king, despite his being married to the Queen? The wife of the previous king, George VI, was Queen Elizabeth, not Princess Elizabeth.
Smoking high strength cannabis may damage nerve fibres in brain
[WP] You're a multi billionaire with severe god delusions. You have several small children kidnapped and leave them on an island with resources and carefully placed 'evidence' suggesting at your divinity. Ten years later, you arrive at the island...
TIFU by hugging my professor
Smoked a Turkey for the in laws this year. Free range, two day brine, bouquet of thyme and sage, lemon halves, apple chips for the smoke, and pineapple juice steaming from the pan. FIL says it was the best turkey in his 60 years.
If you had a kid named Marco, the worst place to lose him would be at a swimming pool.
The Offering, oil on linen, 26' x 36'

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