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Soldiers Struggling to Repay Enlistment Bonuses Issued in Error
US|Some Health Plan Costs to Increase by an Average of 25 Percent, US Says
Politics|Liberals Hope Elizabeth Warren Will Serve as Clinton's Scrutinizer in Chief
If AT&T swallows Time Warner, who might be gobbled up next?
At least 48 police trainees are killed in extremist attack on academy in Pakistan
Deadly Crashes Involving US Casino Buses Since Late 1990s
Trump TV Is Unwatchable-and Addictive
Obama smacks back Trump tweet on 'Kimmel'
Mosul offensive: ISIS militants fleeing to Syria, says tribal leader
What we learned: Osweiler has rough Denver return
Man jumps off NJ highway overpass with two children, dies
General Mills unveils Girl Scout cookie-flavored cereal
The sky is calling: LeBron ready for lift-off in Cavs' long banner quest
Twitter's sales team is taking a hit in big upcoming layoffs
Fund-raiser to replace Emmett Till sign reaches $15G goal
High school dismisses player over noose incident
Kathleen Kane, Former Pennsylvania Attorney General, Is Sentenced to Prison
1960s Pop Singer Bobby Vee Dies at Age 73
Early voting suggests tight race in key states despite Clinton camp boast
NY / Region|Ex-Aide Says Christie Had 'Memory Issue' About Bridge Lane Closings
CEO Satya Nadella Seeks to Change Microsoft's Image
Politics|Donald Trump Dismisses Latest Accuser: 'Oh, I'm Sure She's Never Been Grabbed Before'
Wallonia: Eight things you didn't know about Belgium's French-speaking region
Jared Fogle's ex-wife sues Subway, alleging it failed to alert authorities he was pedophile
Middle school teacher arrested for double murder
Tom Hayden allies pay tribute to his dogged pursuit of liberal causes
'Armed and dangerous' suspect sought in deadly Oklahoma shooting rampage that left two cops injured
'Consumer Reports' shocks by lauding this US auto brand
Your Facebook feed is about to become much more naughty
Demolition Of Calais 'Jungle' Camp Plunges Refugees Into New Uncertainty

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Quetta attack: Militants kill dozens at Balochistan Police College
Venezuela political foes 'to hold talks' in surprise move
Women 'nearing equality with men - in alcohol consumption'
Calais migrants: 'Jungle' camp demolition set to begin
Ceta talks: EU and Canada hold out hope for trade deal
US election: Polling stations open in must-win state of Florida
Mosul offensive: Iraqi Kurdish forces besiege key town of Bashiqa
US singer Bobby Vee dies at 73
Central African Republic: Four dead in UN Bangui shooting
Austria Protestant leaders slam Hofer over 'God' slogan
US changes toddler screen time advice
Leicester stars on Ballon d'Or shortlist
The millennials voting for Trump because they have 'no choice'
'IS fighters sat on bed as we hid underneath'
Happy to go? Saying goodbye to the Jungle
Baby Lynlee 'born twice' after life-saving surgery
Thai tourism after the death of the king
South Africa's golden rhino of Mapungubwe travels to London
China's Communist Party hosts a 'dialogue' - but is anyone talking?
Yoga pants letter to editor prompts Rhode Island parade
Dorothy's Wizard of Oz slippers to be saved after campaign hits $300,000
France presidential hopeful in pastry price gaffe
Pee problem eroding world's tallest church
Russia to re-open 'drunk tanks' for World Cup
Project dignity
Screen shocker
Water war?
Painting for peace
Trump 'n' cheese
Guns and fries


My kind of workout!
Some wise-ass Dodgers fan thought it would be funny to photobomb me and Cam at Game 6.
This dying leaf looks like it's pixelating
Her face after I told her that was not her bed and she needed to give it back
I carved a pumpkin this weekend
TIL Before Chernobyl, the Soviets had another massive nuclear disaster which contaminated over 20,000 square km. The area was turned into a preserve to cover up the accident. The CIA knew of the accident, but also covered it up in order to protect the fledgling US nuclear industry from hysteria.
Well fuck you too
We say "hair" when referring to lots of it, but we say "hairs" when referring to a few.
Dont drop me, Katy Lipscomb, Alpharetta, United States
'Daddy, how do stars die?'
Special FX makeup
Netflix is about to be $3 billion in debt in order to make more original series, films
We made a bigger and better aR sandbox
Irish President puts his money where his mouth is and continues to take a voluntary pay cut
Sexy Halloween Megathread (NSFW)
[TEXT] I just finished the online Coursera course 'Learning how to learn'. I highly recommend it to everyone and I summarized everything I learned from it.
This complete psychopath is manipulating dozens of young men into committing degrading and publicly humiliating acts, with the ultimate goal being getting them to commit suicide.
The Mighty Niagara River | Niagara Falls, NY [OC] [2446x2446]
Subway babes // Late 70s, 📷 by Willy Spiller
Biologists have studied a plant with shimmering, iridescent blue leaves (Begonia pavonina) living in the unending dimness of the Malaysian rain-forest floor. They found the plant's cobalt-blue leaves use a quirk of quantum mechanics to slow light and squeeze out more photosynthesis in near-darkness.
John Boyega to play Idris Elba's son in Pacific Rim 2
Coal will not recover | Coal does not have a regulation problem, as the industry claims. Instead, it has a growing market problem, as other technologies are increasingly able to produce electricity at lower cost. And that trend is unlikely to end.
Half meter sized Meteor hits the moon at 56,000mph; explosion visible from Earth
"National treasure:" Fans launch petition to replace Joe Buck with Bob Uecker for World Series broadcasts